There are as many as 25 species of daisies and many white flowers are mistakenly considered daisies. Chamomile is widely used in medicine, cosmetology, horticulture and as a tea.

1. Pharmaceutical camomile

Chamomile is an annual herbaceous plant used in scientific and folk medicine since antiquity, it is one of the most popular medicinal plants.

2. Chamomile fragrant, fragrant green

Fragrant chamomile is also used as a medicinal raw material, which is distinguished by the absence of azulene in chamomile oil. Therefore, it is applied only superficially.

3.Southern chamomile

4.Chamomile rocky

5.Chamomile western

6.Chamomile golden

7.Chamomile circumpolar

8.Chamomile Sevan

9.Chamomile Chikhachev

10.Chamomile Hooker