Platypus is in the second place after kangaroo in popularity in Australia. Platypus is also unique and rarely animal who lives in the smallest continent.   +

  • Platypuses are poisonous. They can look cute, but the male platypus has a hollow appendage on each hind leg, like a large fingernail. It is connected to a gland that secretes poison. Although their venom is deadly, but deaths haven’t been recorded from platypuses or their bites.
  • Platypus has no stomach. Most animals use stomach to digest food, but not platypus. They have an esophagus. Food passes from the mouth to the stomach through this passage. It’s connect immediately with bowel.
  • They have tail like a beaver, but for a different goal. Platypus don’t use tail for moving through the water. Tail is a place where they store fats in case of a food deficit.
  • Platypuses sweat with milk. They produce milk for their babies, but they do it kind a different than other animals. They concentrate milk in their belly, then sweat it to feed their babies.
  • Platypuses were giants in the past. In 2013, the discovery of a single tooth helped researchers identify a prehistoric platypus that was over a meter long – twice the size of a modern animal.