Koda lived with Brooke and led the perfect dog life until she was hit by a car. Unfortunately, she was seriously injured in the accident. Her owner was at work when she received a phone call informing her that her pet dog had been hit.

After the accident, she was a completely different dog. Brooke tried to help Koda walk with therapy. However, the poor dog didn’t want to do anything. She hardly ate and did not communicate with anyone, not with the dog.

In the end, the dog made a full recovery. However, the veterinarian explained that one of her legs would be intact, but paralyzed due to nerve damage. Months passed, and although she was physically healthy, she was still emotionally overwhelmed.

That’s when Brooke thought about getting a tiny companion for Coda so she wouldn’t get scared. When the owner saw a photo of Pickle’s kitten at the Humane Society, she knew she wanted her to be Koda’s companion.

The mother abandoned the poor kitten and his brothers and sisters. So when Pickle met Koda, he was pretty comfortable dating his new friend. However, Koda didn’t know what to do with Pickle at first.

She was so bewildered by the tiny creature walking all over her. However, the kitten was definitely persistent in winning Koda’s love. Suddenly, the domestic dog started playing with the kitten. Pickle clung to the dog like a mother. Brooke thought that Koda was starting to see Pikla as her puppy.

Pickle helped Koda out of his shell. Brooke thought the baby gave the dog a chance to focus. So now the beautiful dog follows the kitten around the house. The owner thought that these two animals really liked each other. Brooke started referring to Pickle as her guide cat because she took care of her. The kitten was a crutch and a support in everything.