Amber and her “Dancing Collies” brought goosebumps and “Fat Lightning” to Britain’s Got Talent when the talented human-puppy duo took the stage for a rousing dance performance.

Performing to the soundtrack of Grease’s hit “You’re The One That I Want,” Amber and her well-trained collie, Nymeria, donned pink and black outfits at dawn to contrast with the famous movie.

Amber plays the role of Danny Zuko as she wears a dashing black and pink jacket, reminiscent of the leather jacket worn by the protagonist. Nymeria plays the fabulous Sandy Olsson.

The British Got Talent crowd got a feel for the performance as applause erupted. At the same time, both artists danced heartily in front of a beautiful pink car, which really helped set the mood for Grease.

At one point, both Amber and Nymeria started jumping rope in near-perfect unison, getting the crowd on their feet before they were joined by show hosts who couldn’t stop looking at the adorable puppy.

Judge Simon Cowell said his son would be disappointed that Amber and Nymeria didn’t make it in the first place. However, Simon would come and admit that both Amber and Nymeria could win everything.

Feeling nothing but praise from the judges, Amber and Nymeria fell in love with their exhilarating performance that takes them together to a whole new level of cuteness and skill.