Leo, a cute and funny beagle, recently met his new friend Oscar, also a beautiful brown beagle. They visited the garden where they both played together like little kids.

Leo didn’t let go of his friend. Later, the little ones decided to jump into the garden with beautiful yellow flowers. Unfortunately, two beagles decided to destroy the flowers and wanted to play with them.

The master failed to prevent the two hounds from creating chaos. After visiting the garden, the dogs decided to play with their unique toys. Leo liked to play with a tiny multicolored ball.

The dog grabbed the ball in its mouth and wanted to play. But he wouldn’t let the owner take the ball away from him. The playful owner wanted a ball to play with her pets.

But it was useless. Leo was not in the mood to give the ball to the owner. Leo expressed displeasure when she almost took the ball away from him, barking at her.

The owner still wanted to play with Leo, even if he didn’t share his toys with her. The kind owner continued petting the dog as if he wanted to play hide and seek with Leo. However, he just wanted to be left alone.

The owner has refused to play with Leo, but Oscar hasn’t finished with him yet. He climbed on top of Leo and constantly harassed him. Wherever Leo went, Oscar followed him like a shadow. However, the only thing Leo wanted was his ball. It was a fun day for both dogs.