Meet Reese — an adorable little pup who isn’t letting the fact that she’s a little different slow her down.

She’s learning to do things her own way.

Reese was adopted earlier this month by Samantha Ramos and her husband. Though they had experience raising their other dog, Roxx, it became clear early on that Reese wasn’t quite the same.

“She didn’t seem responsive to anything I was saying,” Ramos told The Dodo. “We suspected that she was deaf. I brought it up to the vet, and the vet confirmed it.”

Ramos has been more than happy to adjust her approach at training to accommodate Reese’s lack of hearing. But when it comes to the basics of being a dog, the sweet pup has already taught herself a few tricks that are all her own.

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One day, Ramos was at home with Reese and Roxx when the two dogs began to play together. Roxx started barking a friendly bark at her younger sister — and Reese responded in kind.

The only difference was that she didn’t actually make a sound.

If Reese is barking to get a response, it works. And despite not making a sound, she seems so proud for figuring out a way of getting attention.

Although that alone is quite an accomplishment for Reese, the little pup hasn’t stopped learning.

“Now, she’s learned how to actually bark, but she goes back and forth between her silent and her loud bark,” Ramos said.