In the forest, there aren’t many playgrounds nestled within the trees. At least, not any playgrounds that people might recognize.

Through a bear’s eyes, the forest looks a lot different. In fact, a group of inventive bear cubs have proven that if you’re creative enough, anything can be a slide.

Recently, bear brothers Ash and Riley, along with their friend Billie, were playing in the woods when they discovered a rock face that doubled as an amazing slide. Unfortunately for Riley, Ash doesn’t always give a warning when he’s about to head face first down the rock.

The rescued bears live at The Kilham Bear Center in New Hampshire. The cubs are part of a group of 27 bears currently at the center, who will live under the center’s care and supervision until they’re 18 months old and able to be released back into the wild.

Ash, Riley and Billie all arrived at the center after being abandoned by their mother when humans disturbed their den.

Luckily, these resilient cubs now have a safe place to grow up and play.

“They are affectionate, fun-loving and intelligent beings who like to create all sorts of hijinks,” a representative from The Kilham Bear Center told The Dodo.

One day, these bear cubs will have all the experience they need to go make a life on their own. Until then, the whole world is their playground.