Her name is Vali for short. She was a senior cat at 10 years old and had to be given up when one of her primary caretakers passed away and the other got ill. They could no longer take care of Vali, so they brought her to the shelter.

Her foster family said she was a good girl and would often follow them everywhere they went. She also loved pets and would tap your hand for more. They raved about how she loves anyone regardless of age and could get along with other animals very well.

But even with these qualities, Vali’s foster family admitted that there were few inquiries about her. They thought it would be such a waste if no one would be showered with all that love from this cute floof.

They posted this video of Vali eagerly waving inside her kennel. She wanted to say hi to anyone who passed by. Clearly, she wanted some human connection from visitors.
The new owner set up a meeting immediately, and she knew Vali was a perfect match. Vali was happy to finally have a hooman to cuddle with. The shelter was also very pleased how posting that video helped Vali find her home.