Returning home, Nikita saw that an old woman had fallen into the river. Icy water and fast current, you can’t delay for a minute! And the guy rushed to help, while passers-by just watched this nightmare. The woman was just incredibly lucky. After all, Nikita was in the right place, at the right time, and was not afraid to rush after the old lady.

“This whole picture stands before my eyes, how he lifted me up, how he carried me out. Thank you to him, a lot, a lot,” thanks Elena Gorbunova. That day the woman was walking home from the hospital across the bridge. She slipped and flew into the water. Hundreds of people pass through this bridge in a day. Over the winter it was covered with snow and a slippery crust formed.

When Elena fell, she broke her leg, the current carried her several meters. She was trying to grab at least something, and she came across an ice floe. She was able to hold on to it, and in this state, half in the water, Elena stayed for several hours, at an air temperature of -17.

“I was returning from school that day, I saw a crowd of people and saw a woman who asked for help,” Nikita Sultanov recalls. The guy immediately realized the seriousness of the situation, he rushed to the local fishermen and asked for fishing boots. Because of this current, no one dared to help the woman, no one except Nikita.