Two mysterious heroes abandoned their fears to rescue two girls involved in a crash that had killed their mother. According to reports, there were a lot of fatal risks, but they did not deter the good samaritans.

Not all superheroes wear capes or can summon lightning from the sky. Sometimes, heroes are people willing to risk their lives to save others, including, as in this case, kids.

Yes, they exist. In fact, this Californian woman’s bittersweet story sees two such heroes in action. They simply happened upon a fatal accident, realized they had a chance to save lives even though it was risky, and took the opportunity.
On Friday, July 15, around 8:30 a.m., Bonnie Baum Roth, 35, left home with her daughters, Roxie, 3, and Moxie, 9, in an SUV. They were going to Long Beach for a dance competition they had been very excited about.

According to Cheryl Baum, Bonnie’s mom, they had everything they needed, including props and dance costumes. Unfortunately, they did not make it to Long Beach because, during the trip, Bonnie’s SUV suddenly veered to the right for reasons still being investigated.
Cheryl Baum lost her daughter in the accident, but she is grateful that her grandkids’ lives were preserved. She is also aware of what the heroes did and has asked that they step forward. Cheryl said:

Cheryl and the rest of her family wish the good samaritans would reveal themselves; not only did they prevent the girls from enduring more trauma by covering their mom’s body, but they also comforted the girls.