Brooke Atkins and her partner had looked forward to their son’s birth. However, soon after his birth, they noticed a port-wine mark that could develop into something fatal on his face. But their decision to treat it came with some backlash.

When stay-at-home mother Brooke Atkins from Gold Coast, Australia, gave birth to her second child, Kingsley, in June 2022, she could not hide her joy.

She and her partner Kewene Wallace, 27, had looked forward to welcoming their baby, and they were so grateful when he finally arrived. However, just after Wallace’s birth, the couple noticed a large ‘port wine’ mark covering half of their baby’s face.

Although Port-wine stain birthmarks are usually harmless, if found on the face, especially over the eye, they can be linked to glaucoma, which can cause blindness, and Sturge Weber Syndrome, which can cause seizures and other disabilities.

Sadly, doctors diagnosed baby Kingsley with both. Port-wine stains are progressive and can change and darken over time.

Kingsley’s diagnosis left his parents, Kewene and Brooke, who is also a mom to Armani, heartbroken and concerned. They knew they had to do something about their child’s port-wine stain, or it might prove fatal for the baby later.

According to doctors, the only way to treat a port-wine stain is through laser treatments, particularly a Pulsed Dye Laser, which is the most effective laser. So after Kingsley was born, the boy and his parents were referred to the Queensland Children’s Hospital dermatology and vascular department for adequate treatment.

At the hospital, Brooke and Kewene were told that the laser treatment would not remove the birthmark; instead, it would keep the skin healthy to prevent any additional damage to the area. Brooke and Kewene opted to take the laser route and have their son Kingsley undergo the laser treatment.

After arriving at the skin clinic, the doctors gave Kingsley an eye shield and an anesthetic to help numb his eye before the procedure.

Brooke knew she would not be able to watch her baby go through the process, so she left him with his father and the doctors. However, even in the waiting room, she could hear her baby’s screams, and the mother-of-two could not hold back her tears.

The whole process took two minutes, and Kingsley passed out immediately afterward. However, Brooke filmed the process and decided to post it on TikTok. She also used the opportunity to thank people who donated to the GoFundMe account they opened for Kingsley’s laser treatment.

With Kingsley undergoing laser treatments, Brooke decided to film her baby and post his story on her TikTok page; however, she got more than she bargained for as countless people trolled her for her decision.

Some people even called her a monster for going through with the laser treatment. Nonetheless, she also got some positive comments, including a user who wished her own parents had put her through the same process.