When Charlotte’s big sister found out that only one person had RSVP to her little sister’s birthday party she was heartbroken, but also upset given that Charlotte’s classmates and their parents knew she had just lost her mom.
When Chloe Sexton turned 16, her mother, Jennifer, was diagnosed with brain cancer.

That brain cancer would later come back four times. On her first cancer, Jennifer only did radiation.

At 20, Chloe never expected her mother would give birth to a baby girl, her sister, Charlotte Joy.

Unfortunately, Jennifer died last early this year at the young age of 48 years old.
By this time, Chloe is already a mother herself to a beautiful baby boy and a stepmother to a boy who is the same age as her little sister.

After her mom died, she wholeheartedly accepted her little sister as her own as well.

It was a lot to process and it wasn’t easy for Chloe.
Aside from the major adjustments in their lives, she wanted Charlotte to have her very first birthday party.

This would be Charlotte’s first party, which should be the most memorable for her, but now, they had to do it without their mother.

Chloe wanted to make sure that she would still make the occasion special.
They sent out invitations to everyone in Charlotte’s class, but when Chloe received only one RSVP for her sister, her heart sank.

On July 4, she posted a TikTok video sharing what she felt. In the said video, it was obvious that Chloe was stressed and broken-hearted.

“For anybody who has a kid that they’re raising, if a kid in your child’s class gives out birthday invitations, just come. It’s like, an hour or two of your life. Please just come,” Chloe said.

Imagine holding yourself together, doing the best you can, and then you find out that no one wanted to go to your sister’s birthday.

That little girl needed her classmates, her teachers, and friends.

“My little sister turns 8 tomorrow. Her birthday party is going to be this weekend. Our mom died of brain cancer 83 days ago. One — one child from her class RSVP’d. I haven’t even told her that. Like why? Why? Her whole class knew what happened,” Chloe cried as she poured her heart out.

They knew what happened to their family. Was it too much for them to attend a birthday party?

The video instantly went viral and blew up to 9.9M views.
Within hours after Chloe posted her video, she was shocked as she started receiving messages from strangers.

Some asked her if they could buy her birthday decors, while some offered help in setting up the backdrop, balloons, and everything else.

She was overwhelmed by all the people who saw and offered help. At that moment, all her worries seemed to wash away.

Even in their darkest hours, there were kind-hearted people who will help her and her family.

Charlotte’s birthday came, and it was more than they expected.

The little girl was so happy with her surprise party. Never did she imagine such a grand party for her. So many kids came too!

There was food, balloons, party horses, toys, gifts, a big two-layer cake, and a parade of Jeeps from the Mid-South Jeep Club.

Charlotte was showered with gifts, hugs, and love! About 20-25 attendees made Charlotte’s birthday memorable.

“This wasn’t just Charlotte’s first birthday without Mom. This was Charlotte’s first birthday party ever,” Chloe told GMA News.

You’d think that pouring your emotions on social media platforms like TikTok and receiving kind words is enough, but no. There are people out there who will make you feel like family.

“They actually do build relationships with people through a screen and they put their money where their mouth is, and they show up to a birthday party for an 8-year-old who was going to have a really sad day and they change your life,” Chloe added.

Chloe also posted updates about their lives since their lovely Jenny Wren passed away.

According to Chloe, she is now Nani, and Charlotte is her Lilo.
It’s tough, we understand, but with all the people cheering for Chloe and Charlotte, we’re pretty sure they would get through this and thrive.