Being a parent is perhaps the toughest job in the world with no time off. But the reward of watching your child grow up is completely worth it for a lot of folks.

However, these parents faced the most horrific situation when they lost their little boy in a heartbreaking way…

Three-year-old toddler Albie Speakman was spending an ordinary day on his father’s farm on 16th July. The farm is located in Greater Manchester. The day seemed like any other… until tragedy struck.

The toddler was suddenly hit by a tractor and suffered multiple injuries as a result. His father, Neil Speakman said that once he realized what had happened, he quickly rushed his son into his car and took him to a hospital. He said on the way to the hospital, he even flagged down two ambulances.

Sadly, Albie could not even make it to the hospital and succumbed to his wounds on the way there. A judicial inquiry into his death revealed that he had died because of a head injury.

A little while after his passing, a vigil was held in his honor at Coronation Gardens in Radcliffe. People released colorful balloons and lit candles to commemorate little Ablie’s short life.

His mom, Leah Bridge who is grieving the loss of her beloved son, vowed that she would go on. She referred to her son as exceptionally loving, caring, and affectionate. She said her son only wanted to make others happy.

She mentioned that the entire family including Albie’s ‘Nan and Nanny-Nanny’, miss him immensely. “I will miss absolutely everything about Albie, his voice, his smile, the smell of his skin and the feel of his little hands on my face when he would say ‘I love you mummy girl,’” she said.

She referred to him as her “little sunshine boy” who made everyone smile. She said her little boy loved to collect round objects like stones, beads, and polystyrene balls.

She recalled her favorite memory with her beloved son as one from Cleethorpes beach. She mentioned little Albie carrying his bucket, spade, and ball. She said there will never be a time when she does not think about her late son.

She promised to always think of him and remember him. “I’m not sure how to carry on this life without you but I will find a way to be strong for you and make you proud,” she said.

Little Albie was also a doting older brother. His father Neil remembered, “[Albie] was in love with his new baby sister Willow, all you ever heard for the last three months, is ‘where’s my baby sister and can I hold her.’”

The family was set to go on a vacation together to Morocco in Spetmber for which Albie was particularly excited since it would be his first time on a plane.

Little Albie’s funeral took place on August 9 at East Lancashire Crematorium in Radcliffe. According to his mother’s request mourners lined the street in colorful attires while they paid their last respects to the ‘sunshine boy.’

Hundreds of people lined the streets to pay their respects to the little boy. Albie’s coffin was adorned with sunflowers and heartfelt messages from people. His hearse was decorated with a floral sequence that spelled out his name in the most perfect way.

Friends and family could not contain their tears as Albie’s last rites were performed and they had to bid farewell to the little ray of sunshine.