Kimberly Foggt, 41, and husband Craig have a 10-year-old daughter together. They always wanted another child, sister or brother for their little girl, but Kimberly couldn’t get pregnant.

Shortly after she turned 41, Kimberly had a big surprise, she became pregnant. She and her husband went to the doctor for an ultrasound. After an ultrasound, the doctor delivered the shocking news: Kimberly is having triplets!! The couple was surprised and unprepared for such news, but very happy.
They started decorating the nursery and trying to adapt to the idea that their family would grow exponentially.

Before Kimberly turned 42, she gave birth to identical triplets. But after the third child was born, doctors saw that there was another baby. Kimberly, who has so many surprises, exclaimed, “No!!”
So Kimberly and her husband Craig now have four identical little girls. To understand how rarely this happens, you should know that the probability of having 4 identical children is 1 in 13 million.

Parents gave the girls the following names: Kelsey Roxanne, Kylie Pearl, Kristen Sue and Kenley Rosa.

Currently the girls are 4 years old and healthy and beautiful. Here’s what her mom says: “I believe God chose me to have all four of them. I have a feeling that he will take care of them and help them. I’m happy to see how far they’ve come.”