Recently, he was able to sing the national anthem before a hockey game in Tampa, Florida. The guy just turned 101! Nothing is holding this vet back! When we listen to the man sing, we realize that he has an incredible talent.

His voice is deep and rich. It carries the notes and meaning of our anthem. If anyone could sing our anthem with a heart, it would be a veterinarian like Lt. McClintock.

According to the NHL, Lt. McClintock served in World War II for the US Air Force. Enlisted in 1941, he carried out 86 mission flights over North Africa and Italy.

After the war, he shared his musical talent with the world. He has performed at Carnegie Hall and the Mormon Tabernacle. It’s also not the first time he sings in a game. I’ve done this three times!

Who is next to him?

Let’s not forget the talented woman alongside Lieutenant McClintock, with whom he sings the national anthem. Meet Air Force Tech Sonya Bryson, who retired from active duty. His voice is as majestic as that of Lieutenant McClintock! When the duo begins to sing, their voices rise above the audience.

Then you do something special. She lowers her mic to give Lt. McClintock a chance to go solo! His voice is strong and clear. The public loves it, and so do we! Thank you, Sonia Bryson, for this consideration. She is a great example for all of us.