A dog is a man’s best friend, and luckily, a family from Glastonbury, Connecticut, experienced this furry friend’s faithfulness firsthand. While they doubted his intentions initially, they couldn’t stop thanking him afterward.

Fortunately, the good boy received incessant love, praise, attention, and Christmas goodies for his heroism. The family was rendered speechless after his brave act.

When her eight-month-old baby girl suffered from a cold, Kelly Dowling and her husband thought it best to tuck her in bed so she could be warm.

The parents didn’t think their little princess was in danger, but their family dog sensed something wasn’t right.

Henry, an eight-year-old Boston Terrier, was whole-heartedly loved by everyone in the family. Dowling noted that Henry and her daughter were best friends and enjoyed spending time together.

After putting her daughter down in the crib, Dowling observed how Henry kept entering her nursery. She told him not to disturb the child and let her rest and recover, but he didn’t oblige.

Dowling tweeted the story on December 14, 2021, and to date, it has amassed 25.8K retweets and around 248K likes.
Henry did it five times until he succeeded in waking up the girl, who started crying. The worried mother immediately ran to check up on her daughter.

While Dowling was prepared to take her anger out on Henry for disturbing the sick child, the situation turned out to be completely different. She recalled:

“I knew there was something wrong with the way she was crying. She didn’t sound right. So I took her downstairs and she was struggling to get air.”

Soon afterward, Dowling and her husband took the baby to Connecticut Children’s, where the doctor examined the baby and informed the parents that she was congested.
As it turned out, the girl felt better after her congestion was sucked out. Dowling later revealed that her daughter was out of danger and doing much better. She also expressed:

“The fact that he was so persistent and he didn’t go hide or stop when I told him to stop, he had to have known or maybe smelled something or heard something.”

The happy mom took to Twitter to share the harrowing incident and thanked Henry for saving her daughter’s life. Dowling tweeted the story on December 14, 2021, and to date, it has amassed 25.8K retweets and around 248K likes.

Henry was applauded for his heroism by the Dowlings and several netizens. He also received an outpour of love and Christmas treats for his brave act. We’re glad the sweet dog looked out for his best buddy and helped save her life timeously.

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