Children love playing, running around, and celebrating special occasions in the most memorable of ways. However, life isn’t always easy for a disabled child, because they can miss out on a lot of things that kids of their age enjoy.

Halloween is that time of the year when adults and kids alike love to dress up, eat candy and play trick or treating. A doting young father from Glasgow, Scotland, decided to throw in the perfect celebration for his daughter on Halloween 2019.

Josh Jaconelli thought a little tinkering with his six-year-old daughter, Ava’s wheelchair might help bring a smile to her face, and he was right. Speaking to CTV News, Ava’s mother, Kayleigh Porter shared:

“Ava, like any other six-year-old girl, wants to be a princess, so we wanted to make her day so special because Ava can’t go out trick-or-treating like most kids because she’s nil by mouth (sic).”

Porter further added that she and her husband wanted to see Ava’s face light up with the fairy lights and wanted everyone to know that she was an integral and special part of their family.

Young Ava suffers from an extremely rare genetic condition called Aicardi syndrome, due to which she experiences seizures and has problems with her vision. Prior to the grand surprise, Ava had suffered from seizures, as her mom revealed:

“Not long before we had put the lights on she had took a seizure and she was extremely tired. So we thought we’ll put the lights on and see how she reacts and her face was amazing (sic).”

Her mother shared that the moment Ava saw her dad’s Halloween surprise, she was thoroughly pleased, and seeing her happy made her and her husband teary-eyed.

Ava’s doting young dad took some tinsel, fairy lights, and a plumbing pipe and gave her wheelchair the perfect Halloween makeover. He even brought a gorgeous blue princess dress for Ava and decorated the carriage with a paper crown.

Jaconelli then decided to capture his daughter’s pretty smile and moments of joy. He shared them on the popular social media website, Facebook, where it instantly became a viral sensation.

The video and picture of young Ava living her very own version of a real-life fairytale were shared in October 2019, and have racked more than 25K likes and 2.2K comments to date.

Netizens couldn’t help appreciating the devoted dad’s work of art for his daughter and were quick to drop their love in the comments section. One user wrote:

“Amazing idea for your beautiful little princess.”

Another user added: “You are a good father and your princess is awesome! Beautiful (sic)!!” While Halloween 2021 is just around the corner, we’re sure the award for the “best dad ever” for Halloween 2019 certainly went to Ava’s father.