Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

The last thing a would-be burglar expected when he made his move on a New Hampshire woman who was finishing up her shopping at a nearby Walmart was to receive a swift dose of justice from an Army veteran. But that’s precisely what took place.

Army veteran Rick White was in the Manchester Walmart when he heard a woman screaming, alerting him to a problem that was happening in front of him. Rhonda Healey, age 51, was that woman. She had been looking at greeting cards when a thief stole her wallet and fled.

When the thief noticed Healey’s wallet in her open bag at the front of her shopping cart, he believed he had discovered a simple target. However, White, an Army Drill Sergeant who had just recently returned from a 9-month mission in Afghanistan, was going to prove the thief wrong.

An upset Healey cried, “Stop him, he’s got my wallet.” The 43-year-old Army veteran immediately acted upon hearing Healey’s screams, pursuing the much younger suspect he had seen flee in a black hooded sweatshirt.
The thief was trying to make a rush for the door when White smashed him to the ground before he realized what struck him.

As witnesses took pictures of the stunning spectacle, White grabbed the suspect’s arm, brought him to the ground, and then restrained him in an arm-bar until the authorities came.

Police later determined that the culprit was 24-year-old Alan White, not to be mistaken with or related to the kind-hearted Army veteran Rick White. Alan White, who the police claim is homeless, was taken into custody and accused of stealing.

According to WCVB5, Rick White stated, “I grabbed him and threw him to the ground.” He made an attempt to hit and grasp me. To wait for the police, I sat on him. I grabbed his arm and threatened to break this hand if he didn’t give me his other one. He handed me his other hand after that, and that was it, said White.

White went on to add, “I placed him in a wrist lock and put him in an arm-bar and when I did that, it took the fight right out of him.” White further described what transpired in the Walmart aisle that day.

The veteran, who works part-time as a bouncer at a Manchester nightclub and is a member of the Department of Public Works (DPW), was pleased to be able to assist the woman in getting her wallet back.

White stated of the reportedly homeless suspect, “With all the options for help, there is no need to steal.” “I didn’t think much of it. Regarding his own selfless deeds, he modestly stated, “I am just delighted I could help out.

Healey’s wallet was given back to her, and she was appreciative that Rick White was willing to stop the thief and was simply so fortunate to be at the right place at the right time. It’s comforting to know there are truly wonderful individuals out there with everything going on, she said.