Elvis can be heard performing “My Way” from “Aloha From Hawaii” in this video. The king is seen in his prime in the 1973 performance Live in Honolulu. It’s a real treat to hear Elvis Presley in his peak singing this well-known song with a unique twist. On stage, his incredible talent is clearly visible, demonstrating just how timeless Elvis’ music truly is.
Elvis was at his best when this concert went place. His show was broadcast through satellite for the first time in entertainment history, reaching viewers in forty different nations. A performer had never before been broadcast via satellite. His vocals are absolutely excellent, and the backup group is unmatched on this important moment in music history.

For the first time in the history of television, Elvis rented a satellite for an entire hour to broadcast this event live from the Honolulu International Center Arena for NBC on January 14, 1973. The king gave a legendary performance of “My Way” that embodied his career, demonstrating his superstardom while donating all the earnings to charity, from one of the most spectacular places in the world.