One California father made the conscious decision to pick his battles when it came to his toddler daughter. He chose three costumes for her, but she rejected all of them, so he told his wife that he had allowed the child decide what to wear for the photo shoot. The school photo was posted online for everyone to view by the parents when they saw the finished product. But they weren’t prepared for the reception they received.

A very special young lady, Kaylieann Steinbach is from Rocklin, California. In fact, she is quite fantastic, if you ask me. She is self-reliant, aware of her preferences, and unafraid to express them. She doesn’t allow anything to go in her way either. On the day of the school photo, the three-year-old demonstrated just that when she chose the ideal dress to wear. Unbeknownst to her parents, a school photo has a significant impact.

When Kaylieann rejected the three dresses he chose for her to wear on the day of school photographs, Austin Steinbach wasn’t offended. He said, “I’ve always wanted her to be as independent as she can be.” Kaylieann made the autonomous decision to choose her own outfit, which just so happened to be a Supergirl costume. Don’t worry, though, she had the perfect accessory for the outfit too.

She approached, considered each option, then exclaimed, “Pootergirl!” According to Huffington Post, Austin Steinbach recalled. Well, I couldn’t disagree with that response. The young girl grinned brightly as she sat up with her “Pooterman,” as Kaylieann called him.

Kaylieann looked gorgeous with Superman by her side as the two of them dressed alike. When her parents received the school photo, they were ecstatic with how it displayed Kaylieann’s special affinity for superheroes and proudly shared it online for their loved ones.

“Grandma! My school photos were returned today! Alongside the picture, Austin included a caption that would attract the interest of many more people than simply the girl’s grandparents. As the image gained popularity, it became clear that tiny Kaylieann was so much more than just the inspiration for her distinctive attire, according to Fox 40.

Yes, Kaylieann the young girl adores superheroes. Since she frequently dresses up for school, Austin wasn’t at bit surprised when she chose the outfit. He remarked, “I love her wearing these.” So her attire wasn’t at that unexpected. But undoubtedly, something else did.

Her parents were shocked when their 3-year-outfit old’s went viral and her photo was circulated across the nation. Evidently, a lot of other people thought it was positively adorable. “I’m still in awe of it. Her mother, Jami Steinbach, admitted, “I still can’t believe what’s happening. However, the picture has received a lot more reactions than just amusement. The response and attendance from the deaf community, according to Austin, are astounding. “I still haven’t been able to read all the kind and encouraging letters that individuals have written to me. The impact her photo could have on so many people is something I could never have anticipated.

Yes, Supergirl’s parents soon discovered themselves inundated with help from the deaf community. You see, the young child from Rocklin is 75% deaf in both ears. Because of this, Kaylieann has trouble hearing and pronouncing the letter “S,” saying “Pooterman” instead of “Superman,” yet despite this, she is an inspiration because she shows that being deaf isn’t always a disadvantage, as Jami put it. “You can still go out there and be who you are and creative.”