Candace Cameron Bure, an actress and director for the Great American Channel, is advising her followers to read their Bibles every day because doing so is a “symbol of obedience” and will make them more kind and loving.

While promoting the One Step Closer Bible, a special edition study Bible she helped produce, Bure recently shared comments on her Instagram profile. It is printed by DaySpring.

Bure is best known for her work in Hallmark films and television shows, such as Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, and is an outspoken Christian. She inked a significant contract with Great American Channel, a competitor of Hallmark, earlier this year to create, produce, and star in films and television programs for that network.

We read the Bible every day because doing so shows that we are obeying God and also because doing so infuses us with His Spirit. Hebrews 4:12: “For the word of God is alive and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the dividing of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and detecting the thoughts and intents of the heart.'” Bure said while sharing the text.

When people ask, “How often should you read your Bible?” the Instagram post answered, “When people ask, “How often should you read your Bible?” Bure responded by mouthing along to an audio recording as she said, “Every day. Every day, not all day long, but every

Bure inked a contract with Great American Media earlier this year to “create year-round seasonal celebration content” for the firm and to use her company, Candy Rock Entertainment, to develop and produce unique content for Great American Channel.

The kind of stories that my family and I enjoy watching will be developed, and Bure expressed her excitement about doing so. “I am always seeking for new methods to motivate people to lead meaningful lives. GAC is the ideal fit for my business since we both have the same objective of producing engaging, family-friendly content for viewers who want to watch television together. My collaboration with GAC is all about providing excellent, high-caliber entertainment with a positive message! ”

Great American Family is the new name for the network’s flagship channel, which was formerly known as GAC Family.