Having a baby is an incredible gift. Having twins is a double blessing. They are like two little peas in a pod and have been so for the past nine months. It almost seems like a shame to separate the peaceful fellows and remove them from each other’s arms.

These twins thought their nine months in the womb wasn’t over
In 2013, a short but powerful video that made the rounds on YouTube shows newborn twins hugging in a very cute post-birth bath. It appears the little ones do not even realize they’ve been born yet going by their reactions.

Just days after the birth of these twins, a boy and a girl, French nurse Sonia Rochel took out her phone to record her signature bathing technique for newborns called the “baby spa”. The twins whose mother wanted their identities to remain anonymous appeared to love every second of the bath. They held onto each other like how they did in the womb.

According to TODAY Moms, “They’re already born, but they might not know it yet. This video of a unique bath is offering an amazing look at what life must like for twins in the womb, with the babies cuddling and embracing as if they were still in their mother’s belly.”

The aww-inducing video not only serves to showcase the incredible bond between twins but also to showcase the new bathing technique.

A 51-year-old French nurse, Sonia Rochel, is credited with developing the technique called “Thalasso bain bébé” in French. It is a method of bathing newborns where they are bathed and massaged for 15 minutes under running water. This is done to the sound of relaxing music without the use of gels and creams.

The goal is to show just how relaxing bath time can be for both parents and newborns. [2] The adorable video shows the twins holding on to each other as they are held inside a tiny basin filled with tepid water by the nurse. They have just their mouths and noses above the water.