Today doting husband and father Richard Gere celebrated his 73rd b-day! These days his life is entirely devoted to family. But his path to settling as a family man with a loving wife was long and challenging.

After his divorce from supermodel Cindy Crawford in 1995, Gere met Carey Lowell that same year.

The couple dated for seven years before taking any steps forward. At the time, Lowell was Buddhist, and Gere was on his journey as a Buddhist.

The actor deliberately took his time to get married because of his faith; he said, “I’m crawling on my belly like everyone else. I think life is self-examination. Certainly, the voyage that one takes.”

Their wedding was not extravagant and was kept a secret for a while. Gere explained he could not get around to getting their families to travel, so Lowell and Gere decided to have a small ceremony with their children as witnesses.

Lowell has a daughter Hannah Dunne from her previous relationship with Griffin Dunne, and a son Homer with Gere.

Additionally, both Lowell and Gere have been married before, so they knew the effort it took to have a lifetime commitment.

The couple did not rush to walk down the aisle, but Gere said he already felt married to Lowell, so taking the next step felt natural for the couple. He added, “I have no problems with this one at all.”

After 11 years of marriage, Gere and Lowell decided to end their relationship. The reason behind the separation was reportedly due to their different lifestyles.

Gere was a Buddhist and wanted to lead a quiet life of solitude, while Lowell wanted to socialize and be in the limelight.

Although their separation was due to differences that could not be ignored, their divorce ended as a long and messy battle.

The divorce involved a custody battle, and the couple could not agree on the split of Gere’s fortunes.

Lowell wanted a 100million of his 250 million fortune because she felt she gave up her career for him and supported their son Homer; therefore, the actress believed she deserved half of everything.

After the back and forth in court, the former couple eventually agreed on the custody portion of the divorce.

Finally, after four years of rigorous negotiations in court, Lowell and Gere’s divorce was granted. Details about the settlement were not revealed, but they were free to live their desired lives.

After enduring a long strenuous divorce, Gere found love again. It turned out the love of his life was right in front of him the whole time.

The “Pretty Woman” actor met his Spanish woman Alejandra Silva in Italy while she was managing a hotel in Positano.

Silva is the daughter of Ignacio Silva, a businessman and the former Vice President of the Real Madrid football club.

The Spanish humanitarian has also worked for several different nonprofits, including the Beautiful Life Fund of the Real Madrid football club.

Gere was a close friend of the Silva family; he borrowed a boat from the Silva family to shoot a TV commercial when Silva was a teenager.

However, after their reintroduction and instant connection, Silva and Gere started dating in 2014.

Silva did not give many details about the proposal, but she said it was in one of the most romantic hotels in the South of France.

The couple got married in 2018 in a beautiful Indian-inspired wedding. They made a grand entrance in a tuk-tuk and shocked their guests, but Silva said the ceremony was amazing, and she could not stop smiling.

When asked about the 20-year age gap, Silva accepted that they simply love each other, and Gere promised her 20 good years of marriage.

So far, the Spanish wife is all smiles and said her husband is so active that she cannot keep up with him, but most importantly, he is determined to make her happy.

Once the couple made things official, Silva converted to being Buddist. They settled in New York and became stepparents to their children.

Before getting together, Silva and Gere had gone through long divorces, and for them, the age gap did not mean anything because their connection made it clear they were meant to be together.

The couple stunned fans and announced they had welcomed their first child together in February 2019.

In April 2020, the couple welcomed their second baby boy. At 70 years old, Gere became a father of two children, and now the family lives on the New York state ranch,

The newly expanded family is keeping their life private, but they confirmed the children were healthy and their family was at their happiest.