Every family has favorite pictures from childhood and adolescence in photo albums. Memorable photos bring you back to the happy
moments of childhood. But what if you recreate and compare them to what is going on nowadays? People seem to be going back in
time. And here are the results;

1) This is a gift for mom — the brothers recreated a funny childhood photo.

2) Some things never change.

3) A boy with a great-uncle. Difference in shots is 24 years

4) Grandmother accompanies her grandson to school, and then to Harvard, 19 years later.

5) Returned to childhood.

6) «Photo with son, taken with a copier.»

7) 35 years later…

8) Almost 30 years have passed

9) «My mother does not age, the first photo was taken in 1988.»

10) Three people in a bathroom 20 years later…