The first step was a strained relationship between Kathy Blackmer and her ex-husband Stephen. Unfortunately, not all of this is abnormal, because about 50% of marriages end in divorce, and their marriages belong to this group.

It wasn’t an easy time over the next few months, but they got through it and moved on. The two separated in January 2016 and later worked together to co-parent their children aged 5, 10 and 11.

However, 16 months later, Stephen and his younger brother were in a horrific car accident that killed his younger brother and left Stephen so injured that he needed around the clock care for months.

Although she was divorced, Katie rushed to Stephen’s aid and took care of the children before welcoming him and her new husband 45 miles from the 2,500-square-foot Christian home. southeast of Nashville after being released from the hospital.

And when he recovered and behaved, he did not leave. The situation seemed favorable to him, and this was due to the high cost of houses in the area, and Cathy told him that she and Ben belonged to her.

But that didn’t stop him from finding his new love. He soon meets Brandi and they surprise him and all of a sudden this crazy story takes place in a divorced couple who live in a house with new possessions and six kids.

The other three are Ben’s 19-year-old son and Brandi’s children, aged 7-9. While outsiders might expect this situation to be awkward at best, horribly tense, and uncomfortable at worst, it really wasn’t.

Cathy says the situation is actually very simple and they are all very comfortable with each other. Although many people live under the same roof, the noise is loud and angry, but they do not live differently.