Recently, Elizabeth Stuart noticed that her sons, Caleb and Noah, were transfixed by the woodpile on their family’s property.

Heading over, she realized it wasn’t the woodpile itself that was interesting, but rather who was hiding inside.

There, nestled among the logs, was a tiny kitten.

The family was confused to see the little cat, considering they live on a 125-acre farm.

“She had to travel pretty far to find our barn,” Stuart told The Dodo. “But we are so glad she did.”

Caleb, the youngest, patiently coaxed the cat out of the woodpile, softly calling to her, making sure she felt safe.

He named her Mrs. Puffington because he thought she looked like a little puff ball curled up in the wood.

Pretty soon, Caleb was Mrs. Puffington’s best friend.

Safe with her new family, Mrs. Puffington’s strength began to return and her personality started to shine.

“Mrs. Puffington is now thriving, not just surviving,” Stuart said. “She is very curious and loves to play and snuggle.”

Caleb and Mrs. Puffington spend every afternoon together after he gets home from school, often playing with the toys he makes for her. The once careful cat now happily trots over when she hears her name.

Sheltered by her new family, Mrs. Puffington won’t feel alone anymore. And surely, she’ll never have to sleep in the wood pile ever again.