In an interview, Florent Pagny announced his withdrawal from media life for several months. The 60-year-old singer is currently battling lung cancer.

A (brief) media return! For fifteen days, Florent Pagny has made his comeback on the front of the stage. While battling lung cancer, the sixty-year-old singer wanted to complete the eleventh season of The Voice by participating in the semi-final and final live. This Saturday, May 21, 2022, it was therefore on his legendary red armchair that TF1 viewers found him.. one last time before several months. This is what he revealed to Nikos Aliagas in a river interview published by our colleagues from Galami-mai. “After The Voice, I continue with my last chemotherapy, and after that, it’s over! I’m going to fix myself, enjoy life, my loved ones close to nature and it’s a chance. I will check regularly during these six months of break. Then I’ll come back, “he told the star host of the tele-hook who will also make his big comeback this Saturday after a surprise absence last weekend.

“I need to fill myself up a bit first…”

On the health side, despite a very heavy medical protocol, Florent Pagny is gradually regaining his form of yesteryear. “I’m coming out of the tunnel,” he told the star host of the front page. I had the pure chemo, the one that fights, accompanied by rays: heartache for twelve days, it’s no longer a joke! You know, the seasickness you get after you’ve been on dry land for a week. The first two, they were easier combining chemo and immunotherapy. I reacted so well that we accelerated with rays and harder chemo. The latest news I have from inside, if I can put it that way, is that the tumor has shrunk a lot, the size of a good kiwi, I went to a hazelnut after two chemos”.

Valiant, Florent Pagny is already thinking about what’s next. “My closest friends have written me a song, but first I need to bulk up a bit before recording it because I lost muscle. It would be difficult to sing too long. Right now, I’m going to share a piece with the kids in The Voice. I’ll see how I breathe because I haven’t sung for a while. But, as long as my voice is there, I am there! I won’t give up! And I’ll finish my tour after I’ve recovered! he launched to Nikos Aliagas.

Rain of stars for the final of The Voice

Who will win The Voice 2022? There are only five left to claim victory: Vike (Amel Bent team), Nour (Florent Pagny team), Mister Mat (Vianney team) and Caroline Costa (Marc Lavoine team) and Loris (Nolwenn Leroy team). For the occasion, French and international stars will come and share a moment with them on stage. Are expected: Angèle, Mika, BigFlo and Oli, Slimane, Christophe Willem, Mentissa or Marghe the big winner of the tenth season.