Thanks to a Facebook post and the generosity of an Idaho pilot, the girl landed at Felts Field in Spokane to spend her final days at home instead of in a hospital.

SPOKANE, Wash. — A little girl’s last wish came true as a jet touched down at Felts Field Friday afternoon.

“This whole experience has rocked me to my core. I don’t know how else to explain it,” Spokane Quaranteam’s Rick Clark said.

The five-year-old girl we know only as “Miss E” was taken off of chemo this week. Doctors in Houston say there’s nothing else they can do.

“All she wants to do is be with her siblings and have pizza,” Clark said. “She wants to take another ride in dad’s truck and that’s what’s going to happen.”

“Her siblings came running up to the plane, you couldn’t hear them but they were squealing, they were so excited,” Leslie Woodfull of American Childhood Cancer Organization said.

Had it not been for a Facebook post and generous pilot from Idaho, “Miss E” might have never made it home to sleep in her own bed instead of a hospital room.

“Her mom was saying that she was nervous about this flight and here’s a 5-year-old, who I’ve said before, takes care of everybody else says ‘you can hold my hand, you don’t need to be scared,’” Woodfull said.

“It was a wonderful feeling for us to get to fly this sweetheart little girl,” Pilot Dennis Combs said.

Combs is the reason “Miss E” will now be surrounded by even more love in her final days.

“We might go our whole lives and not touch anyone like this little girl has done in five years,” Combs said.

Complete strangers waited out in the heat, holding signs and waving as “Miss E” got off the jet and into a limo like a true princess.

“Because she has to leave this world, I will make it my mission to go out there and help educate and bring awareness to childhood cancer,” Clark said. “This town has shown that we can do just about anything so there’s no reason to stop here. I want “Miss E” to know we’re going to help all of her little friends. There’s 90 of her little people in this town.”

“God bless her,” Combs said. “I would pray for a miracle and I do, but if not the miracle has already been given to us by bringing together all these people with her little love.”