A loving mother-of-three had dedicated her life to giving her kids the best of everything and wished to see them succeed in life, but fate had other plans. Things took a turn for the worse when her house caught fire.

After embracing motherhood, most women consider their children their number one priority. Their selfless maternal instincts enable them to go above and beyond to protect their little ones.

The mother in today’s story had similar sentiments, but fate didn’t allow her to keep her children out of harm’s way. The woman and her children lost their lives in an unfortunate turn of events, leaving the entire town devastated.

A Happy Family

Liz Seltzer was a loving mom of three children, Paisley, Ainsley, and Jordan. She had dedicated her life to caring for her kids and providing them with everything they needed.

Seltzer lived with her children in her Mercer County, Pennsylvania farmhouse, where she had spent many memorable moments with her family. Little did she know that it would be the same place where a horrifying incident would take her life.

The selfless mother’s worst nightmare began on the night of September 15, 2022. Around midnight, a passerby called 911 upon witnessing the petrifying sight of a multi-story house engulfed in flames near an intersection in Delaware Township.

The House on Fire

Soon, more callers notified the authorities about the same house on fire, and in no time, vehicles from nine different fire departments rushed towards Seltzer’s farmhouse. The paramedics and police officers also arrived at the incident site, hoping to save the residents.

With each passing minute, the chances of rescuing the trapped residents decreased. The first responders tried their best to get inside the house as soon as possible, but it was too late. Seltzer and her children were no more.

It took the firefighters four hours to extinguish the deadly house fire, after which the authorities searched for bodies under the rubble. One by one, they found the bodies of two adults and two children, but one child’s body was still missing.

Finding the Cause

The authorities said a man was inside the house apart from Seltzer and her children. Moreover, the investigators were trying to find the cause of the house fire and said incidents like this were uncommon in Mercer County.

While the authorities were yet to confirm the deaths of Seltzer and her three children, Seltzer’s sister, Rebekah Liese, set up a GoFundMe page to cover the funeral expenses. Liese said:

“Liz Seltzer was an amazing human being who loved with her whole heart and dropped everything she was doing to help her family when they needed her.”

The Heartbroken Family

Soon after the incident, local news channels approached Seltzer’s family, but they refused to speak. The sudden death of Seltzer and her kids had left them devastated. Even the residents of Mercer County were horrified.

A few days after Seltzer’s demise, her friends wrote heartfelt posts on Facebook as a tribute to her. It was hard for them to summarize their feelings in a few words. Seltzer’s friend, Jodi Fitchko, said:

“I have no words to describe this devastating loss. Liz’s goal in life was to be the very best mother. And she exceeded that each and every day.”

Some Beautiful Memories
“Hold your babies tight in heaven and know that your family and friends love and miss you beyond words,” Fitchko added. Seltzer’s best friend, Jaime Weaver, said:

“The loss of one of my best friends and her three precious babies has absolutely torn me apart.”

Weaver and Seltzer had made some beautiful memories together while shopping, attending concerts, enjoying a pool party with the kids, and traveling to other cities. Weaver said Seltzer was “a wonderful mother” besides being a “caring and funny” friend.

The Painful Loss

“Our hearts break for this whole family as they mourn the loss of these four beautiful souls,” said the manager of Sandy Lake Implement, a business owned by Seltzer’s loved one.

Apart from Seltzer’s family and friends, people who didn’t know her also expressed their feelings. Here are some of the comments people left under Fitchko’s Facebook post:

“This is absolutely heartbreaking. I am so sorry for the loss of these four beautiful souls loved by those around them. I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet friend.”

― (@Chelsea Anna) September 19, 2022

“I’m so sorry for your loss! This woman sounds like she was what everyone strives to be.”
― (@Liselle Konig) September 19, 2022

“So sad. I’m so sorry. RIP Liz and sweet babies.”
― (@Stacey Conley) September 19, 2022