Prom night is one of the most important events in high school. Maybe not as eventful for boys, but definitely a night to remember for girls. They spend weeks or months preparing for prom. Aside from the look, they make sure that they have the right dress for prom. And for this teen, her dress surely made everyone proud.

Aubrey Headon attends Rochelle Township High School in Rochelle, Illinois. For others, the prom dress is only to enhance their beauty. But for Aubrey, this has something to do with her tribute to the fallen heroes.

This came about after she met Gretchen Catherwood, the Gold Star mother of a fallen Marine in the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment. During his wake, Gretchen started the Darkhorse Lodge, a foundation specifically created to help combat veterans. Aubrey explained, “She started the Darkhorse Lodge to help combat veterans.

I do a fundraiser every year to donate to the lodge. ” The Darkhorse Lodge is an initiative to build “a peaceful atmosphere for combat veterans to enjoy rest, relaxation, and recreation. ”

Aubrey has also been actively involved in the charity ever since she met Gretchen. She created t-shirts to sell in order to raise money for the five guest cabins as well as other quarters to create the retreat. Last October 2018, Aubrey was able to hand Darkhorse founders Gretchen and her husband Kirk a check for $2,133.

When Aubrey knew about Gretchen’s work, she got inspired. So she decided to do something to pay respect to those who gave their lives in Afghanistan for our freedom and liberty. And she wanted to do this during her prom.

During an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, Aubrey said, “I don’t want them to fade into nothing.”

But this was not an instant decision. In fact, she knew that she is willing to wait even if it will take two years. She used this time to be creative while working on the perfect prom dress that was not only beautiful but was also distinctly unique. And the result was exquisite.

Aubrey made a navy blue gown. At first glance, nothing was so special about it, but when looking closely, it has a close resemblance to the American flag. It is complete with red and white ribbons and to complete the look, a starry blue halter top. To her surprise, her prom dress went viral not only for its beauty and uniqueness but also for its careful attention to detail.

You see, on each of the red and white ribbons on her dress was the name of a member of the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, also known as 3/5 or Darkhorse. All in all, she included the names of 25 fallen soldiers. These soldiers lost their lives in the Sangin District in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province from September 2010 and April 2011.

And among those who lost their lives fighting for our country was Alec Catherwood, Gretchen’s son.

Also, the only black ribbon has the name “Tyler Smith.” He is a former student of Aubrey’s high school who also served in the Illinois Army National Guard and reportedly drowned to death.

A lot of people have done something amazing for the fallen heroes, but what Aubrey has done is truly remarkable. Just one look at Aubrey’s prom dress will leave you in awe.