We would do anything to protect our kids from harm.

As parents, we keep them close to us to ensure their safety. We want to keep our eyes on them so that they won’t wander off somewhere. We even panic if we don’t get a glimpse of them for just a second when we go out in the park or mall!

It’s safe to say that one of a parent’s greatest fear is finding their child missing.

No parent would ever be at peace at the thought that their child is nowhere to be found. With all the possible predators out there, it’s a total nightmare to lose sight of them.

This is what Amanda Leigh Ennis had to go through for 11 days.

Amanda never entrusted her son, Noah Clare, with anyone. She made sure that he was safe by her side and that he was surrounded by people he knew because she knew that family and friends wouldn’t mean any harm.

However, one circumstance proved her wrong.

The 3-year-old’s father, Jacob Clare, was supposed to only visit him in Tennessee since he had visitation rights to the child. Amanda’s biggest nightmare came when he did not return Jacob to her.

Authorities were alerted, and they started searching for this 3-year-old boy. They also shared some surveillance footage of Jacob with Noah. He also allegedly kidnapped his 16-year-old niece, with whom he had an inappropriate relationship with.

Amanda was getting more anxious as each day passed without Noah with her.
She told Inside Edition:

“It’s been a complete and total nightmare. There were moments where I thought I was never going to get him back.”

She feared she wouldn’t be reunited with her son. But she didn’t lose hope; she prayed that someone would find her son and they would be reunited.

Thankfully, a good Samaritan found little Noah.

Julia Bonin was on her way home after dropping her son off from school. She passed by a boy walking down the street in Orange County, California, and thought he looked very much like the missing boy circulating on social media. She doubted it could be him, so she drove on.

However, Julia followed her gut feeling and made a U-turn.

She went back to the street where she saw the boy, stayed there, and called 911. Soon enough, the authorities arrived and confirmed Julia’s suspicion. They took Noah back to safety, including Jacob’s 16-year-old niece.

Amanda immediately flew from Tennessee to California for this heartwarming reunion.

You can see how the smiles turned to tears as mother and son got reunited after 13 days. She wrote an update of their reunion on her social media account, saying:

“Words cannot describe the feeling of him jumping into my arms and not wanting to let go. I swear we sat and cried on the floor holding each other for 10 minutes.”

Amanda and the authorities were thankful for citizens like Julie.

Authorities said that Julie’s maternal instinct and quick action helped them respond as soon as possible. On the other hand, Amanda called Julie her ‘hero,’ who brought her baby back to her. She said she didn’t think she could ever thank her enough for what she did.

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