Carla Moore-Williams has had bird baths set up in her yard for over a decade now. There are tons of birds who live around her, and she wanted to create a safe place where they could come and hang out — and she could in turn have the chance to take awesome pictures of them.

One day, a little bluebird stopped by and decided to relax and take a bath. Moore-Williams of course pulled out her camera, excited to get some sweet, elegant photos of the visitor.

“This particular bird is just one of a large population of eastern bluebirds we have, and I photograph them all every time the opportunity arises,” Moore-Williams told The Dodo. “I love to photograph the bluebirds because they make me laugh, especially when they are soaking wet.”

As the bluebird splashed around, Moore-Williams snapped some photos — but they didn’t turn out quite the way she imagined.

The bluebird was splashing around so much, making the water fly every which way, so the photos turned out a little less elegant and a little more silly and chaotic. The bluebird, of course, had an absolute blast and had no idea that he’d affected his host’s photo shoot. He just couldn’t contain his joy.

Moore-Williams shared the results of her photo shoot even though she wasn’t so sure about the photos — and everyone quickly fell in love with them.

“I thought the photos were terrible, but they made people laugh, and that was perfect,” Moore-Williams said.

Moore-Williams absolutely loves photographing all of the birds who come to visit her backyard, and they in turn love stopping by to snack, bathe and just hang out. They’re not always the easiest subjects to photograph, but at least that makes for some very interesting, often hilarious pictures.