Families can often be complicated, but it’s also true that they always have your back. Turns out, that much is true even if you haven’t met them before.One 70-year old woman learned that she can always come home when she met her 90-year old birth mother for the first time.

She had been given up for adoption and had always wanted to meet her birth family. Lynne and Elizabeth Pullen’s reunion is a beautiful story of how family will always love you.It started with a Christmas gift.One Christmas, Elizabeth’s granddaughter Wanda was gifted a home DNA test.

After taking the test, pretty much everyone in the results matched the family she already knew. But she was surprised to see the name of a woman she didn’t recognize at all.

This woman’s name was Lynne.
Wanda reached out to Lynne, a family member she didn’t even know she had.

When she reached out to her and Lynne said that she had been adopted and had been looking for her birth parents for years.

Lynne was the closest biological match in Wanda’s profile, so they must have been closely related.

They arranged a phone call and when Wanda first spoke, Lynne broke down.

Wanda describes:
“Soon as she answered the phone I said ‘Hi Lynne this is Wanda’ and she started crying as soon as she heard my voice. And she said ‘You’re the first member of my birth family that I’ve ever talked to.’”

Wanda spoke to her family.
Wanda went straight to her grandma, Elizabeth Pullen to talk about what she had learned.

Elizabeth confirmed that she had given a baby girl up for adoption and that it was Lynne.

Elizabeth never laid eyes on Lynne.

In the 1940s, one of the rules of adoption was that the woman giving the baby up for adoption was not allowed to look at the baby.

That means that when Elizabeth gave birth to Lynne, she never laid eyes on her.

Elizabeth Pullen described her feelings at meeting her daughter.

“It was beautiful, it was just a blessing.” She told Inside Edition. “She and I had been looking for each other for years and years, and I was just so excited, I can’t explain it. When you give someone a gift, and that’s the way that I felt about my daughter, I gave someone a gift. That gift was returned to me.”

Ever since reuniting, mother and daughter have been talking nonstop.

They have a lot to catch up on.
Elizabeth confirms that ever since they met they have been busy catching up on life and just being grateful to have the chance to get to know one another.

Elizabeth shares this happy news by saying:

“We did not stop talking for a solid week. I think we could continue on talking forever, because she is just an angel. Her father would have been so proud of her. All my children share the same father, and she looks so much like her father’s side of the family. We’re just excited to have her back.”