While a doorbell camera captured neighbors saving a man’s life during a near-fatal attack, it’s hard to imagine the emotions being felt by the four individuals present in those critical moments. Inside Edition’s reporter shares the story of that frightening day!

53-year-old Chris Favorin was exercising at home when he was struck by recognizable symptoms. Unable to raise his arms and with tightness in his chest, Chris and his fiance, Beth, feared he might not have time to get to a hospital.

So, instead, Chris went next door to the home of neighbors Christopher and Rachel Mowry.

The video shows Chris making his way onto the Mowry’s porch. After ringing the doorbell, Chris leans over and rests his arms on the porch railing, soon dropping onto his hands and knees. Rachel and Christopher, both home at the time, come to the door and begin assisting Chris.

Fortunately, Rachel and her husband know how to handle emergencies. Rachel is a nurse practitioner, and Christopher is a firefighter/EMT. Christopher Mowry shared on Facebook, “Our neighbor experienced 10/10 chest and left arm pain. He came to our porch and rang our doorbell for help. Just 2 min after ringing the doorbell and Rachel and I answering, he went into cardiac arrest.”

The couple administered chest compressions, and paramedics used a defibrillator once they arrived. Chris Favorin regained a pulse after fourteen minutes!

Chris was treated for what is often called a “widowmaker” and has made a miraculous recovery. He met with his neighbors after being released from the hospital to offer his appreciation. Chris states in IE’s report, “I believe God put them in my path that day. Without them being there, I know I would not have made it.” Beth calls the two heroes!

Five weeks after that terrifying health crisis, Chris and Beth were married in their hometown of York, Pennsylvania! Rachel and Christopher were there to share the day with them, too.

What a special day that must have been. Certainly, the newlyweds have an even greater appreciation for their future after what they went through so recently!

“For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”” Galatians 5:14