Jamie Lee Curtis is a mother to two daughters, Annie and Ruby, and has been married for 37 years to Christopher Guest. Curtis and Ruby spoke about the journey of coming out and some of the difficult changes that have come with her daughter’s transitioning journey.

Jamie Lee Curtis is a long-time actress that has been part of many successful movies such as: “Freaky Friday”, “Halloween II”, “Perfect”, and more.

The 63-year-old actress has been married to musician and screenwriter Christopher Guest for 37 years, and together, they have two adopted daughters, Annie, 35, and Ruby, 25.

The actress described her and her husband to be opposites, but they love to embrace their differences. In an interview with Good Housekeeping, Curtis said Guest is more of an intellectual, while her career was not focused on education.

However, the couple does have something in common. Curtis said they love reading history books and have a nerdy side together.

When asked what her secret to a long-lasting relationship is, Curtis said it is not to leave and referenced the saying “‘Stay on the bus…the scenery will change.”

Additionally, the actress said she is realistic regarding her marriage. Besides accepting her husband for who he is, Curtis emphasized that she respects him. She said, “I’m not a wild romantic. I’m a realist. I respect him. And I just don’t leave.”

Besides being a wonderful wife, the actress is passionate about being a parent. According to Bustle, her eldest daughter Annie has been in love with dance since the age of 16.

The 35-year-old followed her dreams and has reportedly been working as a dance instructor for several years. Annie is a multi-talented dancer and can teach ballet, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, modern, tap, and hip-hop.

In 2018 Annie walked down the aisle and married her husband, Jason wolf, wearing a beautiful dress designed by Zac Posen. Bustle stated that Annie and her mother are fashion lovers, so it was no surprise that the mother-daughter duo showed up in style to the intimate backyard wedding.

The youngest daughter Ruby has taught her parents a lot about the fluidity of gender, and Curtis opened up about the journey of watching her daughter Ruby transition after coming out as transgender on AARP. The actress said she “watched with wonder and pride as her son became her daughter Ruby.”

Jamie Lee Curtis Opened Up About the Hardest Change of Her Daughter’s Transitioning Journey
In an interview with People, Ruby and her mother had an honest conversation about some of their struggles during the 25-year-old transitioning journey.

Ruby shared her coming out story. She confessed that she realized she was different when a friend of hers asked her what her gender was. Ruby said she was about 16 at the time, and even though she always pondered on the question, she still responded, “well, I am male.”

Before becoming Ruby, she went by the name Tom, but she confessed that she had a negative experience at therapy that held her back from coming out as transgender at first.

Ruby said she went another seven years as Tom, but this time she told her fiance that she was transgender, and this time she was embraced with love.

Curtis came into the conversation and expressed that when Ruby finally let go of Tom, she never used the name again. However, the mother of two was also honest that the name change was the biggest challenge for her.

Curtis said she and her husband sometimes slipped up because learning to forget the name they gave to their child was not easy, even with the pronouns; the actress said she had made a few mistakes.

Nonetheless, Ruby clarified that she does not get angry at her parents for these slip-ups rather, Curtis said the evolution of her family is important, and she has loved learning from her daughter.

Ruby now works as a gaming editor, but Curtis revealed on the “Jimmy Kimmel Show” that her youngest daughter would be getting married. The mother of two was particularly excited about this wedding because she got the honorary role of officiating the wedding.

Curtis excitedly told Kimmel about the wedding plans and revealed that it was a cosplay event. The actress did not say much about her costume but was happy that she would have had her daughters marry in her backyard.

Jamie Lee Curtis Is Ready to Become a Grandmother
Now that both her daughters are married, Curtis is ready to add a new role to her resume, becoming a grandmother. The actress told AARP that her daughters do not have children yet, but she hopes that will come soon.

However, Curtis is happy to have a life filled with lessons and evolution; she described her current reality as a “constant metamorphosis”.

She also told Jimmy Kimmel that she’s a “sponge” now more than ever, so she is constantly building her knowledge. The 63-year-old revealed that she is working on her musical abilities and decided to take on drum lessons.

However, Curtis is most proud of her role as her mother and is happy to support her children through every step of their lives.