t is especially significant to have your grandparents there on your wedding day.

Many brides and grooms do not get the chance to celebrate their wedding day with their extended family.

One newlywed couple, Tanner and Lyndsey, had the good fortune to include four of their grandmothers in the ceremony.

A beautiful twist of fate.

Tanner and Lyndsey wanted a September wedding. However, they didn’t want their grandparents to be simply “another guest” on this important day.

The two have attended several weddings and hardly noticed grandparents present.

It would be distinct for their wedding to have theirs, particularly considering that all four of their grandparents, both paternal and maternal, were still alive.

The bride observed another couple including the bride’s grandparents on their wedding day while browsing bridal inspiration. Lyndsey had the ideal motivation from it.

The bride then asked each of the four attractive women if they would like to serve as flower girls at her wedding.

Naturally, they were astonished.

This was a task normally left to the youngest and tiniest relatives, who can only be coerced into awkwardly and carelessly going down the aisle while essentially dropping a basket of flowers.

Nevertheless, all four agreed right away.
The end result is a photograph that beautifully reflects the love and happiness shared by both generations, especially on such a memorable day.

It’s the most beautiful thing.

The wedding photographer, Natalie Caho, was able to capture the particularly unforgettable moment as the special women began making their way down the aisle in coordinated powder blue gowns.

The bags carried the petals that each flower girl was supposed to scatter up the aisle, and they were suitably engraved with “here comes the bride.”

They were such perfect flower girls.

During the ceremony, Caho skillfully captured images of each woman joyfully tossing the white flowers among the wedding guests as they ogled at them with affection.

“We don’t have any young kids in our family, and honestly, I thought my spunky grandmothers would be even cuter, and it definitely was. They mean the world to me, and I was just happy to share my day with them,” the bride remarked.

The entourage featured Joyce, a paternal grandmother, who was 70, Betty, a maternal grandmother, who was 72, Wanda, a paternal grandmother, who was 76, and Kathleen, a maternal great-grandmother, who was 90.

“I’ve seen a lot of cute flower girls in my day… but these four gals take the cake,” the photographer captioned.

The five women instantly became online sensations. The couple walked down the aisle in elegance as spectators saw them enthusiastically toss their bouquets.

The bride and groom, who grinned at their relatives, were utterly thrilled with their performance.

They had definitely made the best choice by including the ladies. There is no question that everyone present will remember this wonderful moment for the rest of their lives.