It is always difficult, if not nearly impossible, to die for a loved one, especially after living with that person for so many years. A Johannesburg man was convinced of this immediately after his wife died of cancer. But for years to come, a man will have the surprise of his life, the last surprise his late wife gave him.

Before her death, the woman shared her last wish with her husband: she really wanted to take care of the plants in the bathroom after her death, so she asked her husband to promise her to water them every day.

The man took his wife’s last wish seriously and watered the plants in the bathroom every day, this has happened for years, the man made sure the plants always looked perfect.

The surprise came only a few years later, when the man decided to leave the house in which he lives with his wife.

Since the plants in the bathroom reminded him of the love of his life he had promised on his deathbed, the man did not want to give it up.

The man had a big surprise when he wanted to pack it up for safe transportation.

In particular, he discovered that the flowers he watered every day were actually made of plastic and that it was all just a joke on his wife’s part.

This discovery made him weep, and then laugh out loud, realizing that his wife’s intention was to make him laugh and to forget her grief over her death.