American Actor Kevin Bacon has earned his place as one of Hollywood’s most talented stars, seeing that he has featured in many productions and bagged several awards.

However, there is more to the famous “Footloose” actor than his thriving career. The 64-year-old starlet is also a proud family man. He has been happily married to American Actress and Producer Kyra Sedgwick, and the pair share two children, Travis and Sosie.

Through the years, the couple has managed to stay by each other’s side and have raised exceptional children. However, for Bacon and Sedgwick, raising kids did not come without difficulties, especially during the early stages of the journey.

When the lovebirds became first-time parents the year after their 1988 wedding, they were inexperienced and made several mistakes as any average couple would.

In 2015, during an interview with Vulture, Bacon recalled one of the biggest mistakes he and his wife made as parents. According to the actor, when Travis was newly born, he and Sedgwick accidentally locked the baby in their car with keys inside and the vehicle steaming.

He confessed that it was a terrifying incident that caused them to panic, but thankfully, the infant came out unharmed. Bacon explained:

“A guy from the garage put his fist through the window and broke in because my wife and I were obviously panicked.”

Although the Hollywood stars made the terrible mistake as inexperienced parents, with time, they learned more about raising children, eventually becoming hands-on parents who cared a lot about their kids’ upbringing.

Many years later, Bacon would note that it was important for Travis and Sosie to learn from them as parents to be “good, decent, compassionate, and hardworking” people.

Besides raising their kids to possess the qualities mentioned above, Bacon and Sedgwick ensured that Travis and Sosie were raised to stand independently and not depend on anyone.

Bacon and Sedgwick Raised Kids To Be Very Independent
Several children with celebrity parents grow up and remain solely dependent on their parents’ success, but for Travis and Sosie, this has not been the case.

According to the actress, even though she did not see Bacon and Sedgwick often due to her busy schedule, she felt comfortable living with them again.

In 2017, Bacon revealed that he was a proud father, considering how very independent his children had become. Furthermore, the Golden Globe winner attributed Travis and Sosie’s independence to their upbringing.

According to Bacon, he and Sedgwick never imposed anything on their kids. As children, Travis and Sosie were allowed to make decisions independently and did so without asking their parents for help or advice. The “You Should Have Left” actor also explained:

“My son refused to let me teach him how to ride a bike or how to swim. Those are dangerous things! But both my children were a lot like me when I was a kid.”

Although giving kids a free hand has ended wrongly many times, it was not the case for the Bacon family.

Not only did Travis and Sosie turn out well, but Bacon and Sedgwick’s decision to let their kids choose their path probably made them establish a better parent-children relationship.

Many years later, the couple and their kids still have a close bond that keeps getting tighter by the day. Sosie proved it when she admitted to moving in with her parents while filming her new movie “Smile.”

According to the actress, even though she did not see Bacon and Sedgwick often due to her busy schedule, she felt comfortable living with them again.

On another occasion, Sosie showed the strong connection between her and her dad when she shared a clip on Instagram showing her and Bacon singing and playing guitars in their barn with their goats.

After the video went viral, the 30-year-old actress made it known that there would be more collaborations between her and Bacon, which would be shared on social media.

According to Sosie, the videos were made without much discussion, so fans had to keep their eyes and ears peeled for the next father and daughter collaboration.

With the many interviews and social media posts, there is no denying that Bacon, his wife, and his children have a fantastic friendship.

Inside Bacon and Sedgwick’s Children’s Careers
With successful parents in show business, it is not surprising to see Travis and Sosie following in the same direction. Indeed, the apple does not fall far from the tree. Born on June 23, 1989, Travis is a thriving musician with an amazing voice, like his father.

The 33-year-old is a former member of the metal band White Widows Pact, which he left in 2015. In 2016, he joined another metal band Black Anvil as a guitarist. Besides being a band member, Travis has also worked as a solo artist.

In 2017, the musician produced songs for the movie “Story of a Girl.” Two years later, he composed music for “Girls Weekend.” In addition to his thriving career, Travis has a recording company in New York called Broken Box.

On the other hand, Sosie is pursuing a career as an actress. She joined the movie industry as early as 12 years old and has appeared in several productions, including “13 Reasons Why,” “Mare of Easttown,” “Lover Boy,” and “Charlie Says.”

With two successful children in the entertainment industry, Bacon cannot be any prouder. Meanwhile, the father of two has revealed that Travis and Sosie do more than bring him pride.

According to Bacon, his children have helped him look at things from a different perspective. To the actor, the young ones are the future, and listening to them a little more is essential. Overall, Bacon considers his children his greatest accomplishment.