THE View’s Joy Behar has shocked fans after she called out co-host Whoopi Goldberg for her bad behavior during their live show on Monday.

The moderator has received much backlash recently over her behavior on the talk show, which fans blasted as “beyond insulting” last week.

About a third of the way into the latest View broadcast, fans noticed that Whoopi appeared to not want anything to do with the topic the hosts were discussing.

As the topic continued on, Joy and guest co-host Ana Navarro also realized the moderator’s apparent indifference to their discussion.

After introducing the Hot Topic of a bridesmaid who called out of being part of a wedding at the last minute, Whoopi seemed to stay out of it and not share her opinion on it all.

Joy, Ana, and Sara Haines argued about whether or not it was a terrible thing for the bridesmaid to do, with eventually Joy repeatedly saying: “Who cares? Who cares?

“They’re gonna get married anyway, whether she’s there or not.”

That’s when Ana jumped in to joked that “clearly Whoopi doesn’t” care.

The moderator’s co-workers all laughed as Ana pointed over to Whoopi’s emotionless face.

Joy agreed, also calling out her co-host, saying: “Whoopi hates these topics! She hates these topics!”

The woman in question refused to respond to Joy or Ana and instead just stared into the camera, continuing to look bored and annoyed by it all.

When she finally opened her mouth to say something, all she said was, “We’ll be right back,” as she took the show to commercial break.

Just last week, Whoopi was called out by a guest on the show for the same type of behavior.

Fans were left shocked after Neil Patrick Harris, who appeared on The View to promote his new show Uncoupled, pointed out how “bored” the moderator looked during the live show.

Soon after joining the hosts on set, Neil said: “This was a hilarious episode to watch!

“Because once the choco taco conversation started, Whoopi Goldberg checked out!

“Backstage, we were just laughing at you! Because they cut to you. And it’s like, something snapped at you!”

Earlier in the episode, the View panel discussed how Klondike announced its final decision to discontinue the ice cream product.

Fans, too, immediately began to notice how “bored” the moderator looked throughout the whole discussion, noting how she barely participated and appeared like she didn’t want to be there.

Then the discussion turned to the hosts being scared of both home intruders hiding in the dark areas of their houses and also possibly being followed while out driving alone.

Despite her co-workers opening up about their fears, fans were shocked to see that Whoopi continued to look like she couldn’t care less about the whole conversation.

At one point, she simply laid her head down on her hand and sarcastically egged her co-hosts on.

As the segment continued on, the moderator started to completely check out from it and began playing around with her laser pointer, stunning viewers even more with her behavior.

One confused fan of The View asked: “Wth is Whoopi doing?”

Another wondered the same, tweeting: “What’s Whoopi doing? She looks bored.”

Others agreed that Whoopi was acting “kinda weird” throughout the whole middle of the show.

“Whoopi, we know you hate being on The View,” one stunned viewer wrote. “But rolling your eyes and playing with a laser pointer today was beyond