A little boy spent his hard-earned pocket money to buy his mom her favorite flowers after her divorce from his father. The next day, he was stunned to find $1000 with a tear-jerking note in his mailbox.

Harry was an 8-year-old boy who lived happily with his parents, John and Erika. They did not have a big house, but every nook and corner in their little home was filled with love and warmth. It was what little Harry needed to grow into a responsible young man.

But as fate may have it, trouble struck in their paradise when Harry overheard his dad yelling at his mom behind closed doors one day. A little later, Erika cried and collapsed on the couch as Harry watched his dad storm out with his suitcase.

“I’m sending you the divorce papers soon. I am done with you,” were the last words the little boy heard his dad shout as he slammed the main door, shutting all their hopes and happiness away…

Harry’s parents fell in love in college and married after graduation. While their marriage was in its bliss, problems sparked when Erika caught John cheating on her with his colleague.

“MOM?! Look what I found in our mailbox…Mom! Come quickly,” the boy shouted.

In the last six months, Harry witnessed his parents engaging in loud altercations behind closed doors. While he assumed they simply had an adult fight, their divorce announcement shattered him.

Besides everything else, little Harry was hurt seeing his piggy bank.

“How will I save money to get my new phone?” he cried. “Dad is gone…He used to give me money, and now he’s left us.”

Harry had long wanted to buy a new phone. His parents had told him he was too young to have one, but he was stubborn and convinced them that all his friends in school had phones.

After much thought, his dad agreed, but on the condition that he worked hard for it. So whenever Harry fetched mails for his dad and discarded garbage outside, he would get $1 in return. Unfortunately, he no longer had that privilege after his parents’ divorce.

Harry was depressed, but even then, he was more worried about his mother. He could not bear seeing her devastated and crying all the time.

So one day, he decided to surprise her. He knew he would have to pay a hefty price to make his mom smile, so he walked over to his piggy bank with a hammer.

Harry ensured his mom was not around because he didn’t want her to have a clue. He smashed the piggy bank and gathered his savings, discarding the broken ceramic pieces.

“Where are you going, sweetheart?” he heard his mom from behind. Harry quickly stashed the money in his pocket and lied to her. “Nowhere, mom…I was just going outside to play with my friends.”

Erika believed him and sent him out. But she knew little where Harry was heading with all that money in his pocket.

The boy ran to a flower shop nearby, panting. He admired all the flowers there and was enchanted by a bouquet of pink roses.

“Hey, sweetheart, you want them?” asked Miss Daisy.

“Yes, mom loves roses…These would make her smile…after a long time.”

The 68-year-old florist was intrigued by the boy’s love for his mother.

“Oh, sweetie! But why do you say that these flowers would make your mother smile after a long time?” she asked curiously and was moved to tears after hearing little Harry’s naive reply.

“My dad and mom divorced. She’s always crying and worried,” said the boy. “She loves roses, and I want her to be happy…not sad and crying all the time.”

Harry’s words touched Miss Daisy as he assembled the coins and a crumpled bill on the counter.

“I only have $30, but it says $70…Miss Daisy, I don’t have that much money. I had saved only this much to buy a new phone. I want these flowers,” he said, disappointed.

Miss Daisy knew how giving away a bouquet for a lesser price would affect her daily turnover. But she did not have the heart to turn the little one away empty-handed.

“Alright! I’ll take your $30, and here you go,” she said, handing over the bouquet to Harry. “Please visit me again and tell me how your mom felt after getting these flowers!”

“Sure!” Harry shouted in joy and ran home with the bouquet.

The boy returned home and found his mom asleep on the couch. He knew it was the right time to reveal his surprise. He waited in a corner to see his mom’s reaction when she woke up to the sweet scent of pink roses near her.

“Oh my God! Where did these roses come from?” Erika exclaimed in astonishment after seeing the bouquet with a card from Harry. She picked it up and burst into tears after reading his heartwarming message.

“Mom, please don’t cry. I want you to be happy. So what if dad is not with us? I will take care of you. I love you, mommy.”

Erika ran to her son and hugged him. She shed tears of joy and promised she would be happy and not cry anymore. Harry was delighted to see his mom happy again.

The next day, he was on his way to see Miss Daisy and share the good news when an envelope in the mailbox outside his house caught his attention.

Curious, he marched to the letterbox and picked up the envelope, only to gasp in shock after taking out its contents.

“MOM?! Look what I found in our mailbox…Mom! Come quickly,” he shouted.

Erika could not believe her eyes. There was a crumpled $20 bill, some coins, and $1000 stashed in the envelope with a note:

“I want you and your mother to smile and always be happy. This is my little gift because I wish I had a loving grandson like you. Love, Your neighborhood florist, Daisy.”

Erika and Harry were touched and moved to tears. They met the kind florist and thanked her for her heartwarming gesture.


“Please don’t thank me. What I did is nothing compared to your little boy’s warm heart and compassion. You should be proud to be his mother!” said Miss Daisy. “You should be happy for your son’s sake and get over your past, my dear.”

“Yes, you’re right, Miss Daisy. I promise to be happy because I want my son to be happy,” said Erika, wiping her tears of joy.

Erika bought a new phone and piggy bank for her son. She decided to get back to work and move on with her life instead of blaming herself for her divorce.

From that day onward, Harry never saw his mom sad. Moreover, they became good friends with Miss Daisy and often invited her for tea and a heartwarming evening chat!

What can we learn from this story?

When you get a chance, show your mother how much you love and respect her. Harry was only 8 years old but realized his mother was crushed after her divorce. He sacrificed the money he saved for a phone to buy her flowers and make her smile. His mother was touched knowing how much her son loved and respected her.

A little act of kindness can make a significant impact on someone’s life. Touched by Harry’s love for his mother, Miss Daisy returned the money he paid for the flowers and rewarded him with $1K. She also advised Erika to be happy for her son’s sake instead of blaming herself for the divorce. Harry’s mother promised to be happy and moved on.

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