One of the most terrifying nightmares a parent could have is seeing their kids being snatched away – most especially in broad daylight.
Such an incident occurred in a small grocer in New Mexico where the suspect shamelessly tried to kidnap two little kids. The whole incident could’ve ended in heartbreak and tragedy but fortunately for the parent, the attempt was foiled before it could even do damage.

And it was not the cops who stopped the attack.

It was a teenage wrestler who chose to do the right thing when it was needed the most.
A mother, together with her three kids, were waiting for their Uber just outside Chuck’s Gas Station. It was then when the mother noticed a suspicious man was staring at her and the kids. His intentions were soon revealed when he grabbed one of them by the arm and demanded the woman to give her children to him.

After struggling with the man, the mother took her kids and rushed them inside the gas station’s store.
The man was chasing right after them. Store staff members and bystanders quickly went to the woman’s aid. At first, one of the strangers pulled the door close to prevent the suspect from entering. However, the man forced his way inside the store and overpowered the stranger who tried to help.

The stranger, instead of fighting the suspect, went outside the store and pushed the door so the man cannot get out.

Right across the street, Canaan Bower, a student-athlete noticed the commotion. At first, he didn’t think of it that much until the mother started screaming. Paying closer attention, he knew the family and the bystanders needed help.

He entered the store and saw the suspect was trying to break into the storage room where the family hid.

Bower grabbed the man and with his wrestling training, he took the suspect down to the floor and pinned him down.

Bower admitted that he was worried if the man was keeping any weapons on him like a knife or a gun. But besides that, he still didn’t hesitate to put the family far from harm’s way.

Bower held him down until help arrived. Soon enough, sirens were blaring right outside the store. The cops came in and subdued the suspect before Bower stepped aside.

The entire ordeal lasted only for about five minutes, but for the people involved, it would’ve felt like the longest five minutes of their lives.
The suspect was charged with one count of kidnapping, four counts of battery, two counts of assault, and two counts of child abuse.

As for Bower, he got charged with being a hero.
When the news broke out, citizens and athletes came together to support him. He got recognition from UFC president Dana White and mixed-martial arts champions Henry Cejudo and Jorge Masvidal. The following April, Bower was recognized as the USA Wrestling Athlete of the week. In their statement, they lauded Bower and his amazing act of bravery.

While he shared that he’s not used to the attention that he was given, he said that what truly made him proud was knowing that the family he saved was together and safe.
“When someone needs help you should always help them … always be the one to do something about it,” he said to Sun News.

His act might have been simple with his training and athletic prowess, but for the family he helped, it meant the world to them.