Julia Roberts is one of the most prominent actresses in Hollywood. She has been part of iconic films such as “Pretty Woman,” “Notting Hill,” “Eat Pray Love,” and more.

To this day, Roberts remains one the most respected and celebrated actresses; however, her success is not the only part of her life that she is proud of.

Roberts is also a mother to three children,17-year-old twins Hazel and Phinnaeus and 15-year-old Henry, with whom she shares with her husband of 20 years, Danny Moder.

In an interview with CBS News, Roberts spoke about her life as a mother and a wife, which is a part of the actress’s life that fans do not always get a glimpse of.

Roberts expressed that when she is not working, then she is a homemaker, and it is a part of her life that she genuinely enjoys despite the ups and downs that come with it.

The “Notting Hill” star said her acting career was not the only dream come true for her, but the life she and her husband have created with their children is another significant dream of hers.

Family is clearly important to the actress, and even though parenting comes with challenges, the actress is not afraid to keep it real with her children about the mistakes she makes as a mom.

When it comes to acting, most would say Roberts can do nothing wrong, but when it comes to parenting, the actress admitted a lot could go south.

People reported on the candid interview Roberts had with Today. The “Eat Pray Love” alum shared that she is sometimes crippled with the anxiety of making mistakes as a mother.

But on those days when Roberts feels like she has “blown it,” she is honest about it with her children. The actress said, “sometimes I’ve just said to my kids, ‘So today, me as a mom? Can we just take that off the board because I blew it?’ ”

However, Roberts was not only honest about the downside of parenting, but the actress also gave us an insight into how she and her husband raise their three children.

Regarding the question of beauty and how Roberts teaches her children to embrace it, the actress told People it is a complex topic to navigate because she does not want to “mess them up” but rather make them aware. So, she joked and said that a good and straightforward beauty regime is for everyone to smell good and smile.

If it has ever crossed anyone’s mind if Robert’s kids watch her films, the actress told People that they do not. Roberts explained that she believed her children were still too young to see some of the parts she plays.

Additionally, the actress explained that she and her husband have a rigid viewing policy in their house. They do not watch much TV or are glued to any TV shows; they are more of a book family said, Roberts.

She said her children are more “fascinated with stories, poetry, and sharing ideas”. Therefore, instead of gathering around the TV, they tell each other stories and enjoy each other’s company.

Roberts and Moder built a beautiful and happy life together; however, the beginning of their relationship was surrounded by a bit of drama.

According to The Things, the couple first met on the set of “The Mexican” Roberts was starring in the film, and Moder was the cinematographer.

When they met, both Roberts and Moder were in serious relationships. The “Wonder” star was dating Benjamin Bratt for four years, while the cinematographer was married to makeup artist Vera Steimberg, stated The Things.

As further stated by The Things, when Roberts broke up with Bratt, there were many speculations about the reason behind the split. Roberts reportedly said people could not accept their separation was amicable, while other media speculations implied that it was because Bratt was jealous of her co-star George Clooney.

Well, The Things reported that all the guesses were wrong because Roberts and Moder had a secret relationship. Roberts denied all the rumors of her and Moder having an affair.

Instead, the actress said they sorted their lives out apart from one another and added that that was the only reason they could comfortably fall in love. The couple has been inseparable since.

On July 4, 2022, Roberts and Moder celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. The actress commemorated the day with a steamy picture of them kissing on Instagram.

Roberts captioned the picture with the hashtags “can’t stop smiling” and “can’t stop kissing.” When asked how she and her husband would celebrate this milestone, she said it would include a lot of kissing.

When giving tips on what has kept her marriage strong for two decades, the actress joked and said, “two bathroom sinks and lots of kissing.”

In another interview with People, the actress got more candid about how she keeps the spark alive in her marriage. The “Runaway Bride” said that they love exchanging letters. Roberts revealed that the first letter Moder wrote him was seven pages.

This tradition has stayed because the actress said while she was in Australia for 62 days filming her recent film, “Ticket to Paradise,” she wrote her husband letters and hopes to show them her children one day.