For most of us who have grown up with loving grandparents, Christmas pajamas are a fond childhood memory. However, a grandmother has left the internet enraged after giving that very same gift. Of course, there is a catch behind her gift: she gave it to all of her grandchildren except one. That child was her son’s step-kid[1].

A post on Facebook showed a picture of the mother-in-law with her 6 grandchildren. In the picture, five of the grandchildren are wearing their new Christmas pajamas, all matching. The sixth’s pajamas, however, were obviously out-of-place with the rest. The child’s position in the picture also seemed to highlight the child’s exclusion.

The excluded child was from her daughter-in-law’s previous marriage. Apparently, to the grandmother, this meant that the child wasn’t one of her grandchildren. But why go the extra measure to take a photo that clearly showed the child she did not belong to the family?

The original caption for the post read explained that the incident happened to a friend of the poster. The poster clarified the situation and asked the internet whether the grandma’s unequal Christmas pajamas gift was wrong.

Image credit: Spotted: Brierley Hill and local | Facebook
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However, the comments were seemingly unanimous in bashing the grandmother for her actions[2]. Most of the top liked comments were appalled at the incident:

“How could you treat a child different to any other child, cruel and totally unacceptable. For me it’s all or none”

Some others added that the child was being ostracized for no fault of their own:

“Absolutely! Blood doesn’t make a family! I am a step child myself, my son is also a step child and I have a step daughter. Family don’t have to share DNA just love! You have every right to be angry”

“A child is a child regardless if that child is yours or not they should all be treated the same! What a shame for that child to have a family like that! How petty!”