A customer says that she tipped $4 on a $17 UberEats order and couldn’t get a driver to pick it up in a now-viral TikTok, sparking debate about tipping expectations on delivery apps.

In the video posted by TikToker Syd (@stillpoorandhungry) on Oct. 10, she references the viral “table of shame” of UberEats orders that never get picked up due to a low or missing tip.

“I ordered my food a really long time ago, and it still doesn’t have a driver, so I’m worried that it will end up on that shelf of bad tippers,” she says in the clip.

She continues that her order total “with fees and taxes” was $17, saying that she even “rounded up” the tip to $4.

“I’m gathering on this app that that is a bad tip. The app was even suggesting that I tip $8 to $10,” she says. “I was a server for like ten years. On what planet is a 50% plus tip like a standard tip? Why would I tip almost the equal cost of the entire meal?”

The video has reached over 40,400 views as of Tuesday, with commenters debating whether the app’s 50% tip recommendation is necessary. Several delivery drivers weighed in on how much tip is needed for them to accept an order.

“I drive for doordash. It depends on how many miles the person is away from the restaurant. I usually do $2/mile. Although no tip, no trip,” one user wrote.

“Delivery is a luxury service. Drivers put miles on their car and use their own gas. When I was delivering is the tip wasn’t at least $5 I wouldn’t,” another said.

“It really depends on the distance, but for me, I end up really close to 50% on really cheap orders because I have an 8-10$ floor for tips usually,” a third added.

Others pointed to rising gas prices as a reason why drivers may be more reluctant to pick up farther orders with a low or standard tip, regardless of the order’s original cost.

“So I tip my doordashers no less than $10 when I order no matter what my food costs. my reasoning: gas alone,” a commenter said.

However, some users say they’ve ditched delivery apps altogether due to rising tip expectations, instead opting to pick up from the restaurant themselves.

“That’s why I don’t use delivery apps. I pick up or I use the restaurant’s delivery (rarely) if they have it,” one shared.

“I’ve learned I have to tip a minimum of 10 to actually get it delivered. I’ve switched to pick up because of this if I can,” another wrote.