Wett – a famed OnlyFans model – is currently set to make her in-ring boxing debut this weekend as she prepares to take on fellow content creator Keeley Colbran.

The bout is part of KSI’s Misfits Boxing promotion, with Saturday night’s event set to be headlined by British influencer Jay Swingler vs American content creator Cherdleys.

However, during the contestants’ weigh-in earlier this week, Wett found herself going viral following a rather embarrassing moment.

Dressed in a pair of stockings, a thong, and a bra – it was clear that Wett was prepared for the weigh-in to be a rather unconventional one. However, after rival Keeley taunted her about if Wett’s boyfriend was enjoying the show, the lingerie-clad model said: “Do you think if I had a boyfriend I would do this?”

Watch the awkward moment unfold below:

Astrid then attempted to place her hand around KSI’s head and plant a kiss on the YouTuber. However, the stunt quickly became a cringeworthy moment then would live on in internet infamy after KSI hastily pulled away and pied the model.

In response to the move, KSI burst into laughter.

When the host told KSI: “I can’t believe you turned her down,” KSI could be heard telling Wett that he was sorry.

However, viewers quickly took to social media and comments sections to slam Wett for the attempted smooch, with some people calling out the “double standards” of the situation.

“Double standards are insane. Change the roles and KSI would be in jail,” one person tweeted.

One YouTuber also commented: “That’s crazy how she tried to force herself onto KSI but KSI is the one that had to apologize. The double standard is insane.”

A third added: “What???? He apologized for what? Is there a particular reason as to why he should apologize, KSI isn’t the one to apologize clear double standards”.

“I’m not one to say imagine if the roles were reversed but imagine if the roles were reversed,” one Twitter user added.

Others were quick to compliment KSI for how he handled the situation, with one YouTuber user describing him as “a class act”.

Following the weigh-in, a video surfaced on social media showing the moment Wett apologized to KSI for the attempted kiss.

KSI responds by repeatedly telling Wett that “it’s okay” and “it’s all good” before giving the model a hug.

Additionally, Wett said in an interview with iFL TV following the event: “Yeah, I went in for a snog. You know, he’s a good-looking man – I had to take the opportunity. But he thought it was funny, he thought it was funny – he apologized for pieing me.”

She added that it was “just something that happened in the moment”.