One McDonald’s employee is tired of people’s sauce requests messing up their workflow.

In a recent TikTok viewed more than 6,000 times, user @mskokochanell lets customers know it’s best to ask for extra dipping sauces at the start of their order.

“P-S-motherfucking-A, if you want more sauce don’t ask at the second window, ask for it at the speaker or at the first window because bitch I’m tired of y’all bitches asking for extra shit,” the TikToker says.

Some commenters said they often end up sauceless even when they do exercise this practice.

“But when I ask for it at the drive thru ordering y’all still fail to place it in the bag,” one commenter wrote.

“I’ll ask at the speaker, then remind y’all at the window bc they still be forgetting or putting 1 mf sauce in the bag,” commented another.

“When McDonald employees have to do they job,” another wrote. To which @mskokochanell responded, “I’m not obligated to give you extra stuff, if [you want] things pay for them simple.”

Although the company did not respond to a request for comment via email over their sauce policy, in a tweet from December 2021 the company said pricing and quanitity of sauces varies by restaurant.

“Condiments can cost extra, but pricing varies by quantity and location,” McDonald’s wrote. “Feel free to always ask about extra costs while placing your order.”