Melissa McCarthy might be famous for her comedic skills, but the actress truly knows how to embody a character no matter the genre.

Whether it is in the hilarious film, “Identity Thief,” or the funny yet empowering movie, “Life of the Party,” she nails it. She can also make you sob and laugh at the same time, like in the film “The Starling.”

Therefore, with all the laughter that McCarthy brings with her acting, the actress tries hard to translate that to raising her two daughters, Vivian,15, and Georgette,12, who she shares with her husband, Ben Falcone.

In an interview with People, McCarthy expressed how important it is to raise her daughters with as much kindness as possible.

The actress continued to state how difficult it is to resonate with this in a world filled with vile comments, but she and her husband try to put as much good into the world as possible.

McCarthy also visited the “We Can Do Hard Things” podcast with Glennon Doyle and opened up about some of the fears she has as a parent.

When asked what is difficult for her at the moment, McCarthy responded that it was raising her daughters in a world that is so cruel towards them.

McCarthy candidly expressed how the severity of the attacks against women scares her because she does not have the correct answers for her daughters or the power to promise them that they will not be victims of this cruel world.

However, the actress wished the world would pay as much attention to all the good instead of letting the bad overshow it. “Even if it was just for 24 hours”, McCarthy added.

How Melissa McCarthy Spoke to Her Kids about Intimacy and Relationships
On the “We Can Do Hard Things” podcast, McCarthy also spoke about the awkward conversation she had with her children about intimacy.

The actress said her eldest daughter was about to start learning about the topic at school, so she thought it would be important to break the ice. She also wanted to be the first to talk to her children about such.

McCarthy said the conversation occurred while randomly cleaning up after the dogs. She admitted that speaking about body parts was awkward, but the focus of this talk was to teach her daughters that they could love whomever they wanted as long as they were “kind, respectful and lifted them at all times.”

This then feeds into how her daughters should be able to point out any red flags in whoever they are involved with. McCarthy said a red flag will always be someone they cannot be comfortable around because it is important to have someone support you on good and bad days.

Continuing her conversation on the “We Can Do Hard Things” podcast, McCarthy revealed how supportive her parents were when she decided to drop out of college and pursue her dream of being a standup comedian.

Even though the actress appreciates her parents, she told Doyle there were some things she would try to do differently when raising her daughters.

For instance, McCarthy mentioned how she once had a gothic phase growing up. She said her parents would take pictures of her to later laugh about, but the actress expressed that her gothic clothes and makeup were not a joke at the time.

Therefore, relating that experience to her daughters, McCarthy said she tries to understand her children through every phase of their lives.

When her daughter Georgette wore her “Frozen” boots for eight months, she said she tried to empower her instead of mocking something she loved and felt confident in.

McCarthy and her husband Falcone are both actors, so it was a nerve-wracking experience for them when their daughters made their first movie debut.

McCarthy’s daughters appeared in the film “Thunder Force” alongside their mother. The actress told E-News that her eldest daughter really wanted to be a part of the film, but she was skeptical about it.

However, McCarthy said Vivian did shockingly well, which then encouraged her little sister also to give it a try. It was a proud moment for the actor’s parents.

Why It Was Important for Melissa McCarthy to Defend Herself during a Press Conference
McCarthy had an exclusive interview with Instyle and shared a story about a time she received a troubling question from an audience member at a press conference.

The actress could not recall whether the conference was for the film “The Heat” of “Tammy,” but she said the person asked, “Why do you always feel the need to be so grotesque?”

Confused about the question, McCarthy asked what the interviewer meant, and they continued to say, “You look sloppy, you’re not wearing any makeup, your hair is not done, you’re yelling at people”, referring to McCarthy’s movie character.

McCarthy was taken aback by the question but chose not to respond aggressively; she asked if the interviewer had asked the same question to a woman and told him that, in reality, women are not always dolled up in makeup and looking put together.

The actress ended her response by saying, “I really want to answer your questions. I’m sorry I didn’t wear makeup in a part. I’m sorry I didn’t look pleasant to you. But I also don’t think you should be here writing about movies.”

The “Brides Maids” star expressed that it was vital for her to stand up for herself because of her daughters. As a mother raising two women in a society where they are judged about their appearance, McCarthy needed to show her girls that they could have an opinion and be confident in who they are.

What Has Kept Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone Strong for 20 Years?
McCarthy has put a lot of emphasis on teaching her daughters how to find love that is healthy and kind. Well, her daughters do not have to look too far for their role models because their parents have stayed together in the ever-changing world of Hollywood for 20 years.

In an interview with People, the actress gushed over her husband and said he makes her laugh at least four or five times a day. “I hit the jackpot!” said McCarthy.

But the “Spy” actor did reveal that the key to finding the right person is “[about] finding someone who you just absolutely are better with.” McCarthy said her husband leads all he does with kindness and is thankful that he has that influence on their children.