Sadness meets joy when Jamie Glassman and her husband, whose grandpa has Alzheimer’s, witness the magic between their baby girl and the infant’s great-grandfather!

Alzheimer’s disease is heartbreaking. It steals smiles, time, memories, moments, and words from its victims-many times, those victims aren’t even the individuals stricken with the incurable illness.

But, amidst the sorrow, there are sometimes moments of joy. Jamie shared a few such moments in her Instagram post.

Jamie and her husband are parents to a precious 6-month-old daughter named Elsa, and recently Elsa met, for the first time, her Daddy’s 94-year-old grandfather! Elsa, too young to speak, cuddled up with her great-grandpa who has Alzheimer’s and had hardly spoken for months.

Something very special happened as Baby Elsa and this very old man interacted. In the first short segment, Elsa rests her tiny hand on her great-grandfather’s, and she touches his face. Though he doesn’t speak, he certainly seems to be enjoying the affection. Jamie asks him what he thinks of Elsa; he looks pretty pleased with the little sweet pea!

In the second clip, we see the grandpa who has Alzheimer’s kissing the baby’s forehead. Elsa’s dad comments to his grandfather about how sweet the moment is-how the baby is looking at him. It’s clear that Elsa’s father has tremendous love for his grandfather, who has most likely been a very important person in his life.

He tells the elderly gentleman that the baby loves him, and that’s when this man, who hasn’t spoken in months, speaks!

Elsa’s great-granddad tells her that he loves her, too. It really is beautiful. There is music playing, and it sounds as if grandpa is singing or repeating the phrase. He is clearly interacting and present in the moment!

In spite of age differences and illnesses, or perhaps because of age differences, these two connect! The special gifts of the very young and the very old are often overlooked, but they couldn’t be more obvious here!