Alicia Silverstone is still one of my all-time favorite actresses. It’s no great stretch to say that her character Cher Horowitz in Clueless was the IT GIRL back in 1995.

The famous MTV movie award winner was such an important part of many people’s childhood, and Alicia seemed poised for bigger things.

But starting out an acting career in such a successful movie as Clueless proved to be difficult. Today many have probably forgotten about her – though lately, she’s picking up small but pretty impressive roles.

Looking at this former teenage star today, I must say she has aged beautifully, and more importantly – Alicia seems to have such a beautiful spirit and personality!

Justin Walker and Alicia Silverstone in a scene from the film ‘Clueless’ / Getty Images
Many probably think of Alicia Silverstone as a pretty, stylish girl with a privileged upbringing – just like her character Cher in Clueless. But if we look more closely at her upbringing and life today, there is more to Alicia than meets the eye.

Alica was born in 1976 in San Francisco, California. Her mother was Scottish and worked at Pan Am as a flight attendant; Alicia’s father came from England and worked as a real estate agent.

Alicia spent a lot of time in England during her childhood, but grew up in Hillsborough, California. She became interested in acting very early on in life. At family get-togethers, Alicia would make up dances and routines for their parents.

Her love for acting came naturally.

”I just knew I always wanted to do it – I didn’t mean movies necessarily. I didn’t even watch movies when I was little. I just wanted to be the word ’actress’, whatever that meant, I think,” she said in 1995.

At one point, someone pushed Alicia’s father to take her to a modeling agency. As a 6-year-old, she landed her first modeling job. According to Alicia, she “hated it more than anything”, but it was an outlet for her acting.

And it worked. Soon, she became a sought-after face for many producers. Her first significant television commercial was with Domino’s Pizza. After that, the wheels kept on turning.

Many people probably think that Clueless was Alicia’s breakthrough movie – but she was actually an acclaimed actress before she got the role of Cher Horowitz. In 1992, Alicia appeared in an episode of the iconic television series The Wonder Years.