When Bear Taliferro Jr. was shopping at Walmart, he was grateful to have overheard a mother in need.

“Last night, I left from pulling two 14 hour shifts,” Bear wrote in a post online. “Stopped by the grocery store to grab food for dinner and as I was checking out a woman started crying in the next checkout line.”
He overheard a young girl ask her mother what was wrong, and as he turned to see what was going on, he saw the woman’s tears as she answered her little girl.

“Her daughter asked her what’s wrong and she said, ‘We can’t afford to eat tonight.’”
Another person overheard the little girl as well, and walked up and gave them a few dollars. Bear then came to them and told them to go and get whatever groceries they want, and that he will pay for them.

“A person behind her gave her a couple dollars and she bought her daughter a Kids Cuisine TV dinner. I told her to grab what she wants, I’ll pay for it.”

Bear mentioned that he never goes to this particular store, and he felt that being able to help this mother and her daughter in their time of need felt like divine timing.

“I NEVER stop at this Walmart. I’m simply saying GOD puts you where he needs you to be WHEN he needs you to be there.

Thousands of hearts online have appreciated Bear’s kindness for the young mother and daughter.

“It’s very thoughtful. I was in [a similar] situation when I didn’t have the right date wic checks to get my baby her formula, so I was going leave it [and] come back the next day with the right date checks, and this lady behind me decided to pay for all of the cans of baby milk I had at the register. I asked for her number and address to give her her money back, and she said not to worry about it; its her gift. This was 10 years ago, so I always try to be a good person to others when I can,” commented Kelly D.

“That’s my lil Brother doing what mom’s told us too do when women and children are in need, we help them out with whatever they need. GOD put you in the right place last night. Thanks for helping a woman and her children with the food they need to eat so they don’t go hungry. GOD’S got you,” wrote Joshua C.

“My wife and I were in Winn Dixie about A month ago and a woman in front of us didn’t have enough money for sandwich meat and mustard so my wife said “hey I got it, put it on our tab” and I was shocked when this woman just broke down, I mean crying like crazy!! I don’t know what her story was but I could see that she was in a bad way! You never know, the littlest thing may mean the world to someone else!!” shared Gordon W.

“I’ve had this happen to me also, about 11 years ago. My son was a baby and I was pregnant with my daughter. We were running low on money one week. When I went to pay for my food with quarters, the woman who rang me up took out her card and bought our food for me. I couldn’t stop myself from crying. Now I help whenever I can, especially at the grocery store. It’s not our place to judge someone else’s struggle; do unto others,” wrote Kelli D.